15 Money Making Ideas To Make Money As A College Student

Most college keep limiting themselves that there is no time to make money in college but that’s their issue while some keep on complaining that’s it either this or that but it all from the internal and not from external.

As a college student you find out that your mostly strapped out of cash it’s normal we’ve been there , considering student loans, accommodation fees tutition and all stuff for the semester.

It ain’t easy managing social life, academic life with cash stuff but greatfully there countless money making ideas to make money as a college student.

There Is Time

Each time I hear college student complauc that they don’t have time and sorts, lectures but yet they are still broke as hell.

There is always time but instead most want to just use the time for social life, so let some of that time off for some money making stuff.

Tell your self that you have time, besides you have the same 24 hours that I have , that your lectures have and the same hours your riches college hustler have so time is not a factor.

Work Off The Campus Hood.

It’s lovely to work in the campus make a few box in the computer lab or other places in the college you are but seriously speaking leaving the campus Hood would be better because off campus jobs pays more and even better than the in campus works.

To be the big fish in the pond you got to look for big opportunities and that’s what going to fetch you lot of cash.

15 Ways To Pull Up Cash In College.

Making Money Doing Tasks

1. Do A RideShare Driving.

This is driving at your will and own appeal you can do this in College whereby you use your car as a kind of private taxi ariuar town.

So you can drive for Uber and make money

Or you can add more cash or make more money by driving for Lyft.

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Be at least 21 years old.

Have at least 3 years experience

Have a nice car with 4 doors.

2. Tutor Others

Your in college now so you should have a good knowledge on subject like physics , maths or even chemistry so you could tutor high school kids and sites like  https://www.tutor.com/ allows you to do that and you can earn over $10 per hour.

3. Become Delivery Person.

This is another aspect of driving but this is not for a 17 year old high school kid who just go his license and wants to bump up into delivery. Many restaurants are happy to employ collage students to work in the kitchen but you would earn an extra when you do delivery because you earn per hour.

Besides the bacoo guys Doordash would be happy to employ you when you meet the requirements.


  • At least 18 years old
  • No major violations–DUI, Reckless Driving, etc.–in the last seven years
  • Not involved in at least three incidents in three years
  • Can walk or own a scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, or car

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4. Search The Internet With Swagbucks.

You’ve been searching the internet for quite a while now but you haven’t tried Swagbucks which gives you points for browsing and later those points can be converted to gift cards and the gift cards can be converted to cash.

5. Do UserTesting Online

Most companies after creating a new websites and wants a real user to test the sites before it goes life would submit to use testing. So UserTesting pays someone for testing a new site and completing task on the site.

Make Money Through Entrepreneurship

6. Freelance For Top Blogs And Business.

Freelancing skill is a very profitable skill most especially when your good at it and your fast enough you’d see that a large ton of blogs and business out there are looking for good freelance writer and proof readers.

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Apart from blogs and businesses you can also get freelance offer on sites like upwork or even Fiverr.

7. Start A Blog Or Website.

This is like the king of all online business for you to make it large you would need to have a blog or website investinmindset.com started after my other blog crashed and it’s growing gradually to becomin an established business.

You too can begin with that story and turn your blog to a big business.

It is not expensive to start a blog you can check out godaddy they have affordable domain hosting plans.

I have written good guides on how to make money blogging you can check that out.

8. Start A YouTube Channel.

This is another way of blogging except that it’s in a video form and called vlogging.

This is another great means to make money as a college student starting a YouTube channel with a niche would make you tons of money with the Monetization available and other ways to round up cash as a YouTube channel owner.

You can check my post in YouTube channel I wrote a great deal.

9. Sell Gigs On Fiverr

Your in college hell yes with lots of opportunities to be flexible so you can sell gigs in Fiverr and make money starting from $5 and above and perhaps use it to pay off your student loan.

10. Create An App.

If you have some programming skills you could create either an Android or iPhone apps and sell on the playstore or IOs store for an amount of cash.

Imagine selling an app for $5 and you end up selling 5 million of that app hell yes your rich.

Make Money Selling Your Stuffs

Making Money selling things in college is one of the easiest and most times college dude thinks they have nothing to sell but there is always something to sell.

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11. Sell Your Class Notes.

If there is anything at all to sell in college it would be your lectures notes.

Your notes could be sold to others who weren’t I the class and I don’t mean physically.

So sites like StudySoup would pay you for uploading lecture notes.

12. Sell Stuffs On Craigslist.

If you got large stuff whereby you could not sell on eBay Craigslist would be the right choice.

Let’s say you got that old furniture after the session instead of loading it on the truck back home selling it for like $200 won’t be bad.

13. Sell Stuff On eBay.

Do you have that old TV or DVD you want to sell and you can ship it in a box then it’s cool.

sell your old stuff on eBay you can do it in college.

14. Sell Your Sperm Or Egg

This is another form of donations but it is paid and would add to your income.

On the other hand, donating your eggs could earn you anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. However, there’s work involved in the process, and it’s not painless.

15. Sell Your Hair.

Apart from selling sperm and eggs there you can sell other things on your body.

You can sell your hair on this great site BuyandSellHair.com is the largest online hair marketplace, where you can post a listing of your hair and other people around the world will contact you regarding your listing.


In summary if like to say I’ve written a great deal and I would like you to take a great deal action to follow one if them and make some cash and probably save yourself from student debt.

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Have a great day.

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