15 Ways To Earn Money On Youtube Without AdSense Monetization

I know right seems every one is jumping right at it another means of making money online.

Although if you have a good focus and your good at what you do you might make a few bucks.

I advice people most times to be focused on what they do and not just jump into something.

Let’s be realistic here unless your going to find a way to get those 1000s of subscribers to your channel and create a legit quality videos every single day, those AdSense payments alone can’t take you on vacation or even pay the bills.

Monetizing YouTube videos is a topic that every YouTuber is interested in yet none ever ask the question: How much do you Earn from the Monetization? Anyway little unless you have tons of subscribers.

One funny thing is that some YouTube startupd or newbies see it as just uploading video’s and the money would keep in pilling up or some share links to their friends and encourage them to watch each ads and click on it😂😂😂so crazy.

Hope you liked my emoji? Anyway for a newbie it would take you quite a while to get accepted into the AdSense Monetization programe am not discouraging you and if your an oldie and have been banned or your not making enough , dive into the next lines of this post on the to Earn Money On Youtube Without Monetization.

15 Ways To Earn Money On Youtube Without Monetization.

Let’s dive into this post before the rush ..gentle you I would like to point out the ugly truth about AdSense, and after the 15 Ways To Earn Money On Youtube Without Monetization.

The Ugly Truth About AdSense.

Meeting AdSense Requirements: we all know that late last year AdSense added some criteria or requirements for it Monetizations for YouTube to a total of 4000 watch hours and having a total of 1000 subscribers. Holly Molly it takes time and a lot of work to get all those requirements.

Niche Determines Revenue: You have to be in a very lucrative niche where advertisers pump in their cash into , if your in a niche of let’s say dogs stuff and there are not so many advertisers on there then there ain’t going to be much success there.

Your Not Paid Per Video Views: Anytime someone come asking me how much they going to earn per video Views let’s say them having 1M views on a particular video they coming asking me how much they are likely to earn, well truth is that your not paid per views your paid when viewer’s watches the adviterser ads for the complete 30sec or any amount of length the video is.

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Seems like I have sorted everything out to you right I’ve brought AdSense naked to you , well after all this narrations I would do bad without giving you the key.

So Bellow are the 15 AdSense alternative to making money on YouTube.

Let’s hit them right at the skull.

AdSense alternative for YouTube

Top AdSense alternative for YouTube

Ways To Earn Money On Youtube Without Adsense Monetization.

1. YouTube Sponsorships: This simply means that your getting Sponsorships from a brand that’s your promoting the said brand and your being paid for it, this technique is employed by so many YouTubers and it’s actually cool

What to know: Actually speaking you get this Sponsorships when you get quite a number of subscribers.

How Can I Get This: You don’t need to bother yourself , I think you should look for trending area of interest or look into the area of inteeint of your viewer’s explore it and they would start sending you mails.

How Do I Get Paid: If your channel is just starting the brand might give you their product for free or they might pay you cash either PayPal or whatever means.

2.Affiliate Marketing: This has been one strong area of revenue generation for many YouTubers and it has been on of the best method , this is simply having a video to describe a product it’s advantagea and stuffs and encouraging viewer’s to buy it whereby the affiliate link would be placed on the description section of the video.

This type of alternative is available to both small channels and large channels.

So How Do I Dive In:

Pick a Niche– get a  niche to promote product on that niche like cosmetic products, phone assecories and other stuff.

Choose An Affiliate Partnership: Amazon Affiliate Partnership is the best and besides you can choose from the wide variety it offers.

Talk About The Product In Your Videos: This is like your own work whereby you promote the affiliate product and then direct them to the description box where the link is.

Be Truthful And Tell Viewer’s That It’s An Affiliate Link:

Don’t disclose to your loyal viewer’s that your fetting a commission from the sales it will make them trust you more.

Never Advertise Product You Know Nothing About: don’t jump into promoting product you don’t have a good knowledge of, this would bounce back on the long run when those product turns out bad.

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3. Selling e-books: Most people always have the imoimpress that you can only promote the sales of your e-book through a blog but it can be done on YouTube and even better and greater sales all you have to do is sell the right books and direct them to your Amazon with the link in your description.

What You Need:

You Can Write On Any Topic: your not limited or restricted to a particular topic to write on, you can actually explore different topics.

Upload Your e-book On Amazon: this is how the e-book would be actually sold , so you have to first upload it on amazoA and then get the buying link to be pasted on the description on YouTube.

4. Selling Your Own Products: Yeah affiliate would pay you for each sales you attract but to have a 100% cash you would have to sell your own product.

Firstly you would have uploaded your product on Amazon or any other sale site and advertise your product on your youtYou channel and direct your viewers to the store to buy the product.

5. Sell T-shirt

You can sell tshirts without actually selling the physical product, this is called print on demand whereby you don’t have to deal with the printing of the tshirt.

All you need to have is creative skills and designing skills

You just need to upload your design to Cafepress and the promotion won’t be hard at all.

You just need to promote the videos on your YouTube by simply wearing your T-shirt on your videos.

6. Sell Courses: If you’ve mastered some skills and have insight in some areas you can compile up tigethto a piece and sell courses on your YouTube.

You would need to have a mastery on a particular area of aspect you can create the course and put it on sale on your website to generate passive income.

7. Sell Digital Products: If your a tech enthusiast or your a photographer you can sell your products via your Youtube channel but you don’t have to actually get them to your product everytime but you can mention or say something about it from time to time and remind them about your site.

8. Offer Services To Viewers: You can offer consulting services or help other brand to grow up, but you have to start by building trust with your audience.

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9. Get Paid To Speak: If you think your a Motivator or when you speak your inspiring enough you can use your speaking abilities to make money by showing the Viewers your talent in speaking.

10. Unboxing And Sales: This is a process where you go to a gadget store and unbox a latest device shoot a video on it and give it’s specifications and price and you can direct the sales to the store or you can connect to your online store.

11. Renting Out Videos: Most people don’t know this actually existed, this is actually means someone wants to place an annotation on your video for a monthly fee. One thing to consider is that you’ve to make sure it’s related to your niche.

12. Email List: The subscribers button on YouTube whereby YouTube sends your subscribers an email of your new videos well to tell you it’s just 20% but you can have a 100% email list by directing your viewers to your email list, so if a viewers can give you their email they actually have trust in you and those email list can actually turn to actual customers.

13. Fredom Program: This is a YouTube partnership program where most adsense disabled vloggers turn to. This program is quite cool in the sense that you earn 60% and the remaining 40% goes to them.

14. Become A Bitcoin Expert: So many people wants to venture into Bitcoin but very few have the idea and creating a channel that would enlighten people would not be a bad idea and you can generate traffic for exchange sites in exchange of a little percentage of commission and in the long run the channel can become a money generating source itself.

15. Promote Your Channel As A Brand And Sell Merchandise: You can actually get your channel to a high level of recognition and turn it to a brand and begin sales of merchandise like cups, mugs, umbrella or other things that is quite related to your niche.

Final Words

Google AdsenAd for YouTube is not the final stop for earning money on YouTube it’s just one of the ways and there are other ways and alternative far better than it, so check again on those 15 ways to earn money on YouTube without AdSense Monetization.

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