2 Awesome Ways You Can Work Less and Get Paid More

How to Work Less and Get Paid More

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probably your having a new baby coming or the kids have increased over the years and you need to work less so as to invest more time to other stuff, or you have a main job but needs the side hustle still and it seems its taking most of the time you got.

well increasing earnings is what we all want.

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there are actually a number of ways we could increase earnings without spending much time or sharing time with work and family


below are 2 Awesome Ways You Can Work Less and Get Paid More

  1. Increasing Your rates/charges

hey! come on this sounds a little greedy but there is nothing wrong in raising your rates, in fact you find so many people trying to please their customers and end up reducing their rates that at the end of the day would not be able to sustain them. and don’t yo take it that since you don’t have much time or your not putting in much time therefore you should reduce your rates , yes you can but remember that reducing your rates only makes you vulnerable to being broke well if it seems that yoou don’t like this and would want to make money quick i would suggest you check out these 5 steps to make money quick.

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2. Selling A Product

This involves creating a virtual product like eBooks, PDF, video how to’s and so on although this looks like work but seriously its a really good money vomiting materials as you tend to reap these product over and over again, especially putting it on sale on sites like Amazon.com, Itunes.com. Do your clients need help in creating a perfect resume , you can help them and also make money by creating a resume template for them, look at the request that has been asked by your clients either for video tutorials and answer them and make money.

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So, as you set out to upgrade your business model and produce less intensive forms of income, remember – a little extra time and work at the beginning, means a lot more opportunities to relax in the end.




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