20 Ways To Make Money In South Africa Fast | The Ultimate Guide

How to make money in South africa Fast? Who the hell doesn’t want to make money considering the upward graph of the cost of living in South Africa , increase in feeding, schooling and so many other things.

Everyone wants to make cash fast, no one wants to stay broke, people wants to add to their source of income or make money in South Africa from home.

Anyway if your a Nigerian I can suggest you check out my post on 50 ways to make money in Nigeria.

20 Ways To Make Money In South Africa

This list includes both the offline and online means of making huge cash in South Africa these are the scam free ways to make money, no much stress or much hardwork.

1. Start A Blog: Starting a blog might be a wrong idea for a lot of people probably because they know a little about blogging or even know little on how to make money blogging.

Blogging is a unique way to make money in South Africa it all requires originality and creativity, then patience and consistency , pick a product or a niche then hit it.

2. YouTube or Vlogging

YouTube channel is another great way to generate passive income in other words lots and lots of cash in South Africa.

Vlogging is similar to YouTube or perhaps the same it all sums up to expressing yourself in form of video, you can choose from unboxing gadgets, entertainment, music and lots more.

When it comes to the money making section you can make money from Google AdSense on your YouTube or any alternative.

So create a YouTube channel now and start making money.

3. Social Media Influencers

There is one of my Nigeria friend that uses his Instagram to promote big brands and that’s the point using your Twitter or Instagram to promote brands especially when you have lots of followers.

In actual sense your tweets are worth cash or your post.

So instead of just racking jokes and blasting people with your social presence why not make some cash with it so begin.

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4. Sell Photos online

Selling photos online is another means of making money online.

There are people looking for good pictures everywhere and you could make money bof that

All you need is the creativity and a good camera to do that you should check out my detailed post on that here.

5. Freelance Online

Fiverr is a great spot for freelancer you can start by creating a profile then wait to be contacted by client.

Upwork is another place where you can get contracts as a freelancer in South Africa.

And also you can contact organization to request to freelance and get paid this is a greatwagr to mmake money so get started.

6. Sell Old Stuff On Classified sites.

Another great way to make money is to roam round the house

Look for old items you don’t need and sell them on classified list.

But make sure your old items would be useful to the people you want to sell to.

As you would not want to place unwanted material on these classified sites.

So jump on eBay or gumtr to sell your stuff and make money in the south side of Africa.

7. Affiliate Marketing

How does it sounds to make money without actually selling any physical products all you have to do is to connect the buyers to the sellers and get a commission for it which would turn to cash.

I think that’s cool and I love it probably because I do it anyway I think you should too because this is also a scam free way to make money in South Africa.

So you can begin by signing up for Affiliate.co.za or Admarula pick a product and you’d be given a unique link which can be shared to your blog or social media accounts.

8. Rent out A Spare Room

Do you have a spare room or apartment just lying there?

Why not rent it out to make some cash off the weekend.

Airbnb is a great start try it register and get your room listed to tourist and get paid like £25 and above.

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9. Become A Virtual Assistant.

You could work as a secetatary for someone while you sit at home.

Wnat to know how to do that?

Simply you arrange his/her flight schedule and other official work online and sit at home nad get paid.

This kind of job is most convenient for stay at home moms but it can be done by anyone.

10. Answer Professional Questions

This would be a great spot to make money if your an expert in a field there are great sites like JustAnswer and livePerson which would match you up with clients who needs answer to a particular question in a given field.

11. Running Social Media Account For Top Brands Or Blogs.

You can manage the online social presence of top Brands or blogs whereby you chat and post in their Social accounts.

This is another soft way of making money in South Africa Fast and besides you would work less and being paid more.

12. Comment On Blogs Or Share Posts To Get Paid.

There are a lot of South Africa blogs out there that would pay you as the top commentator of the month or when you share their post.

I would make further research on sites that pay for all this and it would be in my next post so subscribers to my blogpost.

By the way chec out this blog that pays you for commenting here

13. Work From Home For A Company.

There are most company that want workers to work from home probably because of office space but who the hell cares as longs as it pays.

Crowdsource offers writting and editing jobs.

14. Join An agency

Joining an agency like soccermom.co.za is an agency that provides agents for people that don’t have time to drive their kids to school.

15. Drive An Uber Taxi

Another means to make money in South Africa Fast is by utilizing you driving skills to drive for uber taxi.

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I can tell you this wether your a student or not you can do this on part time on free times just have a nice car and register for the Uber program to become one of the drivers and make cool cash with it.

16. Become a Real Estate Agent And Make Money.

Making money as a real estate agent doesn’t necessarily mean you start looking for an office space the whole thing there is connecti People look for apartment to apartment owners and receive a commision.

So go out look for houses around your neighborhood and connect people to the owner and get quick cash in SA.

17. Make Up Artistry

Make fast cash in SA doing make up for people many mom’s out there hurry off without making up and they look out for people to do the make up for them.

Cool cash right? you don’t necessarily need a shop you can do service for them at their offices.

Apart from that you could do make up for music video or movie production and all those stuff.

So hit it.

18. Delivery At Spare Time

You can become a delivery person at your spare time for companies like McDonald’s, Domino pizza or cold Stone and a host of others make this few delivery and make money off it.

19. Hair Stylist

There are lots of cash to make as an hairstylist in South Africa.

Any besides you don’t need to rent a space as you can use your Instagram account to advertise yourself and work for clients at their house and that’s money and more money.

20. Event DJ

Hey don’t waste that your DJ skills and start promoting yourself to go and present in shows and events.

Get out there and feature in birthdays and other shows and get paid.


We have come to the end of this post on 20 ways to make money fast in South Africa and I would not like you to leave without checking this intrestinin article Here.

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