2019 Update Of Top 10 Richest Families In Kenya


Kenya is a country in East Africa, about half way down, near the horn of Africa. It has the Indian Ocean to its east and Lake Victoria to its west. Kenya borders the nations of Somalia (east), Ethiopia (north), South Sudan(north-west), Uganda (west), and Tanzania (south). Kenya is about the size of France, and almost as large as Texas (U.S.).

The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi, which is the 14th largest city in Africa (after Accra,Ghana). It is said that the first humans may have lived near the lakes of Kenya along the Great Rift Valley, which cuts Kenya from north to south.

Kenya, as a country in Africa, has always been producing people that are of high dignity to humanity. But have you ever wonder what type of families are there in Kenya? In fact, there are families that are even financially buoyant than the other. Hence, there is hierarchy between these families as to which are the richest families in Kenya, just like any other country.

Kenya’s families have also made a position for themselves in the richest families in Africa even though they have not yet entered into the World Ranking. These families have built their wealth that even their next 5-6 generation will suffer no more. I know you must be wandering how does these families gather their riches?  Believe me, they gather their money independent of the government. Most of the families are into real-time businesses that fetched them money. These businesses include Petroleum, Mining, Engineering, Agriculture, Tourism etc.

You might then wonder which is actually the wealthiest family in Kenya among all the families? That you will see in this article as we have help you to compile the list of the top ten richest families in Kenya. You just sit back, get your ice-cream and popcorn and browse through our contents to enjoy the reading.

In our compilation, we have The Moi Family as #1 topping the list of the richest families in Kenya and SK Macharia taking the #10 position.

Below Are The List Of The Richest Families In Kenya

#1. The Moi Family

On our list is the Moi Family coming as the wealthiest family in the whole of Kenya and even in the Central and Eastern part of Africa. The assets and properties of this wonderful family are distributed all across the globe. A prominent member of the family, Gideon Moi, who is also the former president’s son, has interest in Kent ship, Sielei Properties Ltd, Revak Ltd, Giant Forex Bureau and many others. Apart from that, there are two other properties in the name of Gideon Moi both in London and South Africa.

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Other companies owned by Moi includes Giro Bank, Reagent Management, Taurino Enterprise, Safariland Club, Equity Stock Brokers, First Force Security Company, Asian Roses, Mugoya Construction and many more. Moi has also tried to participate in the development of the educational sector of the country by investing into two of the schools-Kabarak University and Moi High School. Seems their family is surrounded by wealth, Philip Moi, who is a son to Moi has an approximate wealth of Ksh 52 Billion and even control much more than his brother, Gideon. On equivalent, the net worth of the Moi’s is $3 Billion. Other properties owned by Mois are Tiger Farm Ltd, Concord Holdings, General Commodities Dealers, Sheraton Holdings, Hahuru Investors, Kiharu Investors, Paradise Holdings, Panafion Engineering, Ectar Kenya Ltd and many more. In term of land ownership, the Moi Family is the second after the Kenyatta’s Family.

The Moi Family has shown interest in Chemusian Company, First American Bank, Equatorial Bank, Fresh Produce Ltd, Eagle Airlines, Car Track Kenya Ltd, Signon Freight etc.


#2. The Kenyatta Family

On the 2nd position of our list is the founding father of the nation, Kenyatta. The family has helped in contributing to the development of the economy by investing into a various number of the sector including Mining, Agriculture, Tourism, Insurance, Telecommunication and many other sectors.

Internationally, they have also created a connection for themselves. In France and Germany, they own a jewellery shop and the biggest insurance company. Even in the United State of America, they have modern properties that are actively in use. Also, they hold the ownership of the famous Brookside. Other companies and organisation owned by the family include Village Market, Commercial Bank of Africa, Heritage Hotels Group, Peponi School, Prestige Air and many others. The Kenyattas are believed to worth above Ksh 130 Billion or even more.


#3. Manu Chandaria

Here comes the number third richest family in Kenya after the Moi Family. Owing to a multinational industrial conglomerate called Comcraft Group, Manu Chandaria has to provide employment opportunities for over 40,000 people across four continents.Their riches were given birth to as a result of the small store established in 1916 in Nairobi by his father. The store which later grew to Comicraft centred on the production of Aluminum cookware. In recent times, the combined revenue of his group has reached $2.5 Million making them the third richest family in Kenya.

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Another prominent icon is Nicholas Biwott who owns Lima Ltd, Yaya Centre, Construction Companies, Nairobi Dam Estate, H Young, HZ Construction etc. Their foundation, Chandaria Foundation is considered the most generous in the Eastern part of Africa.


#4. Nicholas Biwott

Others call him Total Man, Nicholas is a very talented entrepreneur, who has gathered lots of power and established business almost in all sector of the country’s economy. The sector he invested to improve the economy includes Mining, Tourism, Real Estate, Airport and many others. Currently, he is an importer of petroleum which he made available for a local distributor. Internationally, he also made a huge investment. In fact, in Australia and Israel, he has the biggest ranch and hostels respectively. His estimated net worth is calculated to be $1.1 Billion making the number fourth richest family in Kenya, Africa


#5. Raila Odinga’s Family

Raila Odinga Family
On the fifth position is the first Vice President’s family. The first vice president, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga has a son called Ralia who has played a prominent role in the politics of Kenya for a long period of time. When mentioning wealthy Elites in Kenya, they will not be complete without mentioning Odinga who shows more interest in Pan Africa Petroleum Industrial Services Limited, East Africa Spectre Limited, Residential and Commercials in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombassa and many others.


#6. Joshua Kulei

Being the Ex-President Moi’s Personal Assistant, he has achieved a lot also. Some of his achievements include Ownership of CFC Bank, Trade World Kenya, CMC Holdings, Ngata Flowers Farm and Sian Roses. Also, his interest grows more for National Milling Company, Signon Freight Kenya Television, Bamburi Cement Kenya Aerotech Ltd, and. Internationally, he has properties both in Lavington and Karen Nakutu.


#7. Charles Njonjo

Being a politician and businessman, Njonjo is a famously outspoken man that had in the past served as the Attorney General of Kenya even though he is retired now. He showed interest in CFC Stanic Bank, CMC Holdings, Car and General East Africa, British American Investment Company, Barclays Bank, Alico Insurance and Sankara Hotel.


#8. Phillip Ndegwa’s Family

On the 8th position in our compilation is the Phillip Family that have invested enormously in the development of a certain sector of the country. These sectors include industry, banking, air transport, agriculture, and many others. The family has ownership over a wide spectrum of organizations/industries. Through these industries, they are able to improve the economy of Kenya like providing job opportunities, construction of infrastructures etc.

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#9. Simeon Nyachae’s Family

From Kisii, Simeon Nyachae started a small company with interest in a bakery and through the Sansora holdings, he has hit billions of monies. In a different sector, he has invested. These sectors include Agriculture, Industry, insurance, banking, Real Estate, Transport, and Telecommunication. Internationally, he has the biggest ranch in Australia, a Tea Farm in Zimbabwe and South Africa.


#10. Sk Macharia

On our list, we have Sk Macharia at the last position of the top 10 richest families in Kenya. Sk Macharia has invested in many sectors in order to improve the economy of the Country. Those sectors he has invested in is a Real estate, Transport, Banking, and Telecommunication. Currently, he worth Ksh 112 Billion making him the number 10th richest family in Kenya.

Making money is not the important part, it is how to maintain it for a constant flow rate that matters. Those families that proved to be the richest in Kenya did not actually relent in order to maintain their status. Not all people that started on a rich background finally become rich. Even though most of the families are enjoying what their forefathers have done for them in the past years, there are still some that actually work through the hills before they got a name for themselves. Today, these families get “the richest families in Kenya” but are not so highly recognized globally. This is supported by the fact that some of the families in the World Ranking are mostly from the Western world. However, these families have actually got a position in the richest families in Africa.

Looking at the way these families are making money, there is a very strong hope that in the nearest future, these families will be among the richest families in the whole World. Also, there is a hope that through these families, the economy of Kenya will become stabilize and even be able to compete with international standards. And in such a case, there is hope that in general, the economy of Africa will be better.

So, I believe the question “which family is the richest in Kenya” has been answered and I hope you find this article helpful.

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