25 Best questions to ask a girl: Interesting, Deep and Good questions to ask your girlfriend

25 Best questions to ask a girl: Interesting, Deep and Good questions to ask your girlfriend

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Good questions to ask a girl

In a relationship, be it temporary or permanent, there is nothing more exciting than trying to get a girl to spill her secrets.

ometimes, there are deep questions to ask a girl that would cause a shift in her thinking, However this will not always be a successful endeavor unless you know which specific questions to ask your girlfriend.

Do not to go asking a girl these questions on your first date. For the purpose of a more romantic relationship, listed below are best questions to ask a girl, including brief explanations for each query.

First best questions to ask a girl

1. What Do You Like Wearing to Bed?– Unlike men, most women are very particular with their sleeping attire. Some of the most popular answers include lace teddy, night gown, and over-sized shirt.

2. Have you ever thought of being with another woman?– This is a way to explore her orientation.

3. Do you watch and fantasize?– Most women do watch and fantasize, but those who can openly admit it to a man are most definitely more open to more deviant activities.

4. Do you like to swallow?– No not in it’s literal sense but the other way round

5. What is your favorite position?– You can also ask other follow up questions to this.

6. Would you consider exhibition?– Know just how far she will take a physical relationship with this query.

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7. How do you like to be taken? – One of the many questions you can ask if you want to take things up a few notches.

8. Do you like using artificials?– You can use this to gauge her acceptance.

9. Do you prefer length or breadth?– Her preference is very important since it will allow you to know ahead of time.

10. What kind of movies do you like? etc- If she already admitted to liking movies, you should ask what specific genres she prefers. This would come in handy if you are planning on introducing a bit of “visual aid” in one of your sessions.

Next funny questions to ask a girl

11. Who do you fantasize about when you are alone?- Let her know that it is perfectly acceptable to fantasize about someone else (aside from you) when she is alone. The freedom it affords a woman is key to keeping her attracted to you.

12. Do you like it when people hear you?– Let her know that it is very much okay to be vocal and expressive in such circumstances.

13. What kind of literature turns you on?- While most men respond to visual stimulations, women respond well to written words as their imaginations are more active and inventive.

14. Have you ever tried handcuffs?– Thinking of introducing a bit of pain? This is how you find out whether she is up for it. Not all women are into exploring the territory between pleasure and pain so you would certainly want to find out how she feels about implements.


15. How loud do you think I can make you scream?

16. Have you ever tried other positions?– Some men approach the subject of rear entry the wrong way. You just do not impose this idea on a woman regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship or a more casual arrangement. It is always wise to ask about her previous experience/s first or ask if she is open to the idea.

17. Have you ever dated 2 guys at the same time? – Obviously, this is a question that explores a girls capabilities. If you don’t mind getting disappointed and left feeling bad (just in case the answer turns out to be positive) you should ask this question but make it clear that you are very okay with the result. Get to explore her previous relationship activities if she is ready to talk about it.

18. Would you be mad if I accidentally kiss you? Asking this question simply does the magic of opening up her imagination to kissing you just in-case she had never thought about it before. With each imagination comes fantasy which waters the romance between the two of you.

29. What should a guy do to make you wet? – This would make a girl realize that you are possibly thinking of something with her.

20. Do you sleep in underwear, pajamas or nothing at all?

More deep questions to ask a girl

22. What’s your secret move to turn a guy on? This is getting her to unleash her tricks and arsenal. Note that this question cannot be answered without some thoughts which is what you are aiming to achieve.

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23. Where is the only one place a guy should touch to turn you on? – This is one of the interesting questions to ask a girl to turn her on.

25. Describe the best clothes you have ever worn? – Again this question comes with some indepth thoughts. Find out the reason behind wearing it and if the aim was achieved? Also let her know that you would love her to wear it on a future outing with you.

Knowing the best questions to ask a girl is a requisite not only to get her ready, but also in helping her explore herself.

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