5 Best Compass Apps for iPhone/iPad 2019

Many people are often confused in their homes about the north-south-east-west direction. Also, outdoor activities such as boating, hiking or even camping all require compass as you don’t want to get lost. We’ll be discussing those apps that can replace that compass that is traditionally known.

The Compass is a directional instrument invented in China a long time ago. Ever since then, technology has come into play making it smaller and more convenient. Digital technology has even made it more convenient, and the compass has now gone digital. Many apps on the App store can now act as a replacement to the traditional compass device.

device. The best thing is that you don’t have to purchase a compass from the market as it can be downloaded and used on your iPhone. Your iPhone/iPad is capable of performing the job of a compass pretty well. Read on to find about 5 best compass apps for your iOS device.

5 Best Compass Apps for iPhone/iPad

  1. Altimeter GPS Pro

About usefulness, very few apps match up to Altimeter GPS Pro. With it, you can do anything you can think of navigation and even more. When it’s in its basic navigation mode, it can measure distance, direction, time traveled, speed information, and the total time elapsed but there are more functions the app is capable of doing. In conjunction with the compass, the app also features maps.

help you get to where you want to be. It will also give details about your altitude and can even let you view your estimated GPS accuracy to tell if you’re not following the right direction.

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  1. Commander Compass


Compass uses GPS to assist you in navigating outdoors. Built-in is a hi-tech compass map GPS, waypoint tracker and also geological features. It supports 3D view so you can have real time object position, direction and info about the place. One of the best features of this app amongst other features is that it gives you the ability to save your current position and easily get the target position. With the app, you can be provided with a geolocation services so that you can get details about your current position.


    1. Smart Compass

    If you need

    a compass that is easy to use, then Smart Compass would be a good one for you. It is built with a fair number of features that other compasses has. In all, it offers a simplified and easy to use feel. It does the basic function of an electronic compass, turning your smartphone into an accurate compass. With that said, it allows you to view the exact bearings to the location you specify. Just like other compasses, this compass app allows you to view your speed, coordinates, bearing information. It is also capable of performing screen captures.


    1. Compass by iVogel


    it’s gorgeous, Compass by iVogel really looks gorgeous. The design is simple and is intuitive while offering lots of useful features. Aside from the compass, you can view longitude and latitude coordinates. Even more, a speedometer and an altimeter are embedded in the app so you can measure your speed and the height of your location. One other cool feature of this nicely designed app is its capability of memorising routes that you pass through and show them afterwards. Overall, the cool design and great functionality makes us choose it as one of the best.


  1. Compass 55


55 is rich with navigational features such as compass, GPS in multiple formats, distance and direction, navigation, waypoints, maps, routes, and even a speedomter to aid you in your journey. It features a coordinate converter to allow you  switch between any of the common coordinate systems including Lat/Long, UTM, and MGRS so it can work with any physical map. Sharing your files with your computer or other digital devices is also possible with this app. It can even count pace to track walking distances.


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