5 Best Jobs A Single Mom Can Lay Her Hands On And Become Successful

5 Best Jobs A Single Mom Can Lay Her Hands On And Become Successful

What the heck am now a single mom! Is that what your thinking, well lets kick start to this wonderful post after doing much research on single mum and what they face I have decided to write a detailed post on the 5 best jobs a single mom can lay her hands on and become successful.

With that into lets look at what it means to be a single mum, according to the https://www.collinsdictionary.com it defines single mom as a” mother who has a dependent child or dependent children who is widowed, divorced, or unmarried.”

Looking at the above definition being a single mother either means your widowed, divorced, or probably unmarried and whatever form got you to become a single mum would not be part of our discussion as we are here to help you become a providing mum for your dependent child or children.

It is often said that most single mum ends up becoming prostitutes just to tend for their child and most times you find this in Africa countries, and even in the west you find them doing downgrading jobs. What the heck, well hey! Momma we goanna get you a good job.

According to https://en.wikipedia.org there has quite been an increase in the number of single mothers and this has a 16% increase in the united states since 1980 to 2009 what an increase right? There has also been a relative increase in Africa and since most part of Africa is still under developed or is developing owning to Africans numerous traditions you find that there is stigmatization to being a single mum in Africa especially when you can’t tend for that child.

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Infact in the tend of this blog post on the 5 best jobs a single mom can lay her hands on and become successful. Don’t ever for get the definition of John Leguizamo of single mom found on urban dictionary that ” Basically a polite way of saying: broke, exhausted, and nobody wants to date your ass.

With his words on our heart lets get to the main section of this post

5 Best Jobs A Single Mom Can Lay Her Hands On And Become Successful.



  1. Customer Care Assistant From Home:

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This is a pretty nice job for single moms and the pay is quite high, you don’t get right? Well this is it. Simply put to answering calls of customer who are having issues about a particular product of a company or who wants to make an inquiry let’s take for example those customer care live assistant on Namecheap hosting that I do chat with when am having issues and its 24/7 but they are not necessary in the office.

  1. Part time Nanny:

Baby-Sitter, Children Educator, Nanny

 Your probably wondering why I wrote part time nanny and not just nanny well I believe if you’re a part time nanny you would also have time for your kid or kids and being a single mom puts you in the right position to be a nanny taking care of other peoples kids , since you have a child of your own your experienced in that aspect and besides the job is quite high paying.

  1. Freelancing Jobs From Home:

it seems all my headings are from home , from home well it doesent mean you cant work in the office what I intend is for those mom that don’t want to leave their homes anyway you can do freelancing anywhaer it just requires you having a skill in computer as their ranges of freelancing which includes writing, web designing, graphics design and virtual assistance so you can get jobs on https://www.fiverr.com  and https://www.upwork.com/  for a start.

  1. Virtual/Live translator:
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Have you ever been to a court case and the accused or the defendant don’t understand or speak English and needs translation well don’t you think that’s a nice job well that job has been up for a long while and its most popular is translating to the Chinese well momma I would suggest you get that language book or take a course or two to learn at least two other languages both in your country and abroad. About the virtual translator is simply a video translation whereby you’re in front of a webcam to translate to an audience or someone a distance away.

  1. Healthcare Personnel:

That got you shocked right? Thinking you have to go back to school for more years, well get something straight you don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to become a healthcare personnel, in fact you could sign up for few months to become local health worker, lab technician or medical assistant and besides it would be quite useful to the health of your kids.

Having come to the end of this wonderful post on the 5 best jobs a single mom can lay her hands on and become successful I would like to hear your views, comments in fact whatever you feel on the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post to every single mom out there and make them feel loved. See you in our next post


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