5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup Fast

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We met at the freshers night at the university and he was one of the best guys i have ever met. one would ask how many guys have i met to be able to judge that he was one of the best , well i would confess i have met a lot both at college and in high school, meeting him that night was awesome he gave me the warmest smile i have ever received offered to dance with me , with proper permission from my friends who were intrigued by it, we danced and danced and that’s how our friendship started. we were friends for four of our university years graduated still friends and two years after we got married , so sweet and was married for six years.

Everything was perfect — until it wasn’t

Am 26 years old and thinking i would get over it, get a new date and start life afresh and it doesn’t seems so now – i feel so lonely, unsure of myself wondering if i would ever overcome this, thinking if i would ever experience this

Okay! stop reading and have a break that story above is an imaginative story but look at it this way , does your own story looks familiar or even more romantic at the start and brutal at the end? which ever pattern it has never to worry as i am going to unveil the ultimate secret below.

5 Ways To Get Over A Breakup Fast

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  1. Having A Positive Mindset : How? well i guess you did not look at the name of this blog ? well check again that name was not just given. everything we do and either we suck at it or progress is well determined by our greatest asset , you what that is ? our mind of course. let me give you an instance when you start saying to yourself i would never get over this breakup seriously you would never and you might end up committing suicide , well i don’t wish that for you so what you got to do first is to make an agreement and a covenant with your mindset and tell your mindset that your getting over this breakup, not quite easy i agree but kepp on doing it daily and you would be ready for the next solution.
  2. Be Totally Honest With Yourself : Of course it feels or felt like your the bad egg in the relationship, it seems your the one that was getting messed up at the same time patching things off for the relationship, you were working so hard to keep the relationship and now this happens- yea it sucks and it would keep on sucking but be honest with yourself , you loved each other dated and married doesn’t mean you were compatible , now start looking at the things you did differently and things you dis-agreed on and see that there might be an atom of love there but there were no compatibility any way let’s move on dear!
  3. Never You Have A Low Self Esteem : Yes your now apart and he told you how worse you are, how you suck at making out, kissing or even at romance , worse he even says your suck at bed well that feels bad although we never have a perfect method of doing all that but by discovering one’s partner makes us to know which method we prefer to practice. OK now don’t forget that you are still the beautiful one he fell in love with and said so many things like your the love of his life, don’t also forget that your still the crazy one that got him lingering after the hot session on bed , also don’t forget that your still the crazy kisser , the deep kisser and the tongue tongue kisser so don’t you ever fall for it that you suck at those things you were once told to be the best, your the same person baby! so move on.
  4. Keeping Yourself Strong : Yea it’s quite a while after the breakup and common you have to be strong to move on, so if it means deleting and blocking your ex’s phone number do it if it means disconnecting and deleting him from your social media site do it baby! now try to get his out of your head by removing those things that reminds you of him , like that teddy bear, that cloth he both for  you from France written ” i love you Samantha” or that snickers you do wear together – get rid of those stuff and move on.
  5. Go Out Have Fun And Meet New People : Hey! i didn’t say you should start dating immediately but have some fun with those your crazy friends attend some parties and bash, go to the beach play spinning the bottle game , make some noise and forget your pain then try to relate and meet some people and you might try online dating with these guidelines but if your not cool with it just go on doing things normally and don’t forget to have fun!
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In summary

How To Get Over A Breakup

  • Have a positive mindset
  • Honesty to yourself is key
  • Never give yourself a low self esteem
  • Be strong
  • Meet people and have fun

Yea that’s it and i wish you the best in having a good life – share this post to other, drop comments below

Updated: September 17, 2018 — 3:55 am

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