5 Ways To Make Money Quick In Nigeria

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Making money is a priority for virtually every one as nobody wants to end up broke ass or poor. Everyone needs wealth which in turns brings freedom and makes one be able to enjoy things, in fact with wealth everything is possible, the luxury and fast life but they sit at home lazily waiting for opportunity to knock when they have the potentials at their fingertip.

Seriously speaking if your a Nigerian and your not making money yet don’t blame your old pals out there in the village or some demni ancestors blame yourself, but anyway after reading this post and following my strategy you aint gonna blame yourself. Have you been broke and thinking on how to make money follow my 5 Ways To Make Money Quick In Nigeria.

1.Own a House/Apartment In Nigera

Seriously I would be going deep on this because this involve real estate as am about to venture into it , but for the records this involve either buying a house or building one and is possible in Nigeria because we don’t have so many house owners , so get a house and start making cool money.

2. Start A School

In as much as I aint a fan of school and the crab educational system but truth be told that starting a school in a country like Nigeria would make you rich in the long run, you just have to manage your school properly and meet up with the educational board standard.

3. Start A Transport Business/Company

Starting a transport company in Nigeria would bring lots of profit considering the number of people that travel to various part of the country either for buying or selling or both and you find out that these people avoid Airplane because of the cost and some others like myself love the view, so get a bunch of good drivers , buses and a good agreement with terminal managers and your good to go.

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4. Start A Travel Agency

Seriously you don’t need to spend much in setting the up, you would need a professional website might cost a bit and then an office for those that wount be using your website, get in contact with hotels owners and am sure they would be willing and you got yourself a nice business.

5. Starting A Relaxation Arena/ Joint.

This is super as most people tend to look for these spots after the day’s job and in cities such as Lagos or Abuja and other top notch cities in the country this is high breeding money generator as you can include service of pepper soup, beer, soft drinks , beer and assorted varieties with a good location you have your hit business.

Well quite a lecture I guess besides this is quite different from lectures in school because this gets you thinking and planning and besides I would love you to pick and try any of the 5 Ways To Make Money Quick In Nigeria. And be grateful by sharing this post and the comment box is open see you in my next post.


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