5 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

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So many people are into the blogging business but very few are making money of it. Over the years blogging has been growing and has become the most income generating source for most people, while some as full time bloggers others are running it part time. well weather your blogging as a student, single mom, or whatever level you are the aim is to make money right apart for the main purpose of passion, but you’d agree with me that you need to make money ooff those time spent, data used and all the stuff besides your not getting the domain and hosting free.


well if you have been blogging and have not been making money, be greatful you met this post because your sad days of not making money has come to an end. but

Note : This is not a quick money making scheme so if you are in a rush go else where 

Bellow are 5 ways to make money from blogging

5 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

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  1. PPC / Impression Monetizing : This is the most sourced by most bloggers and has been difficult to get for some probably because they don’t know the secret which is good content and good traffic. by the way PPC simply means Pay Per Click. This is effective when you join a PPC network like Google Adsense or Media.net this two networks pay you when visitors clicks on the generated adverts placed on your sites via the ad codes given to you. Impression also works with these networks in such a way that they give you a payment for the number of visitors that come to your site even though they don’t click on your advert.
  2. Affiliate Marketing : Most times this also looks like the PPC system in the sense that the pattern sometimes is via advert banners but this is actually driving sales to a particular company by using their affiliate link which you have to use to drive the sale and you a earn a percentage of the sale of each product. but i would like you to note that you have to promote product related to your blog niche.
  3. Sponsored Post/advert : This is effective if your blog drive a high traffic , you can propose to company to make use of your advert space and can also suggest you writting a perfect sponsored post for them and hit your price.
  4. Sell eBooks : If your good at creating blogs or in fact any topic in particular you can create an eBook on that topic and sell or even sell to other authors for a little commission or even ask other authors if you can resell their eBooks for a little commission , so even though you don’t have a lot of traffic this is a good idea too.
  5. Online Services : Are there other online services you render apart from blogging ? you can llet your blog visitors know about that by creating an advert on it and post on your blog also you can use your blog page or handle to promote it and see how it goes besides it would hit heavy incomes.
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In Summary

It does not matter what ever niche your currently running you can make money from which ever niche you are running following this few ways i have listed keep on following this blog i would explain each in details.

  • PPC / Impression Monetizing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post/advert
  • Sell eBooks
  • Online Services

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If you know other ways to make money from blogging you could contact me for a guest post or drop your comment below see you in our next ppoost


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