50 ways To Make Money In Nigeria 2019 That You’ve Never Heard Of

50 Surprising Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Money This Month In Nigeria.

50 Surprising Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Money This Month In Nigeria

50 Surprising Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Money This Month In Nigeria

If you need some extra cash, money like tomorrow your on the right spot.

I have compiled an exclusive list of top creative ways that would surely fatten your accounts this month and help you make money in Nigeria. certainly among-st the list there would be one that fits your needs.

50 Ideas To Help You Make Extra Cash In Nigeria

Feeling ready? , feeling hot , felling pumped, feeling like you need to make a million Naira?

This is a pretty long list so don’t get overwhelmed or over excited.

1. Drive An Uber Taxi

make money Drive An Uber Taxi

Drive An Uber Taxi

Most of you  already know of this but just very few have tried this, well if you live in the city of Lagos or Abuja and you feel like making money for the weekend or even having a hit for some extra cash being an Uber Partner is not a bad idea. All you need to do is to know how to drive a car, have a nice car, then register. After the registration you would be given access to the uber app to locate people that need a taxi pickup close to you and the money would be paid to your account minus a 25% Uber fee. Follow this link to register for Uber

2. Drive A Taxify

Drive A Taxify

Drive A Taxify

This is the second taxi company in high competition with Uber and i listed it for a purpose, taxify is quite cheaper in services compared to Uber and since Uber has a great competition now , You also have a great solution to your financial breakthrough as to choose who too work with or partner with in the driving business. So do well to follow this link to register as a Taxify partner and do read the terms and conditions. Link

3. AirBnB – Rent Your Spare Room

Airbnb, Apartment, Rental, Logo, HolidayYou could actually make a lot of money from AirBnB , you can place your room for rent to both local and international user and earn between £18 to £50, whih iis actually cool considering the fact that it’s a spare room. Register for AirBnB Here

4. Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage

Making Money off real estate sounds amazing but how easy is it, seems like the question on your mind. How would it sounds that you make a 10% profit just by connecting prospective buyers to home owners or people that have houses to rent out and also note that it’s not your house , so your the agent and you earn by mere connection.

5. Manage Social Media Account For Small Business

 Manage Social Media Account For Small Business

Manage Social Media Account For Small Business

There are a lot of small businesses who finds it difficult to get someone to manage their social media engagement. But this actually a great way to make tons of extra cash.All you need to do is to schedule posts.

6. Drop shipping

Drop shipping

Drop shipping

This is owning an online E-commerce store whereby products are shipped directly from the wholesalers to consumers without actually touching the product, and in a rising market such as we have in Nigeria you would need a good research and foresight as to  which product is trending, and then look for a good supplier and have connection to customers. So many millions have been made with this venture so don’t be left out.

7. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

I have said something about this in one of my previous post , whereby you become a teacher by teaching students online there are tons of things to tutor and also there are tons of money to be made you could check out Tuteria and register on it if you meet the requirements.

8. Sell Services On Fiverr

Sell Services On Fiverr

Sell Services On Fiverr

With Fiverr you can sell your services like web design, article writing, logo design and a whole lot of others and price range starts from $5 upwards and as the the name implies don’t go feverish work well and smart, register for Fiverr here

9.Lease Your New Cars To Individuals Or Company.

Lease Your New Cars To Individuals Or Company

Lease Your New Cars To Individuals Or Company

I could still remember quite well when my uncle leased his new Peugeot 607 to an individual that wanted to use it for car hiring business and wow my uncle just sit at home and collects 25k every month, so this is a nice business you can lease your new vehicle to an individual or company under certain agreement and should be done in the presence of a lawyer.

10. Create An App.

Create An App

Create An App

Well as it seems just creating an app alone isn’t going to put money in your pockets, you have to create reasonable apps either put it on sale or make it free and then monetize it with either Google Admob or others but for preference sake I’d suggest Google Admob.

11. Create YouTube Videos And Make Money.

Create YouTube Videos And Make Money

Create YouTube Videos And Make Money

Millions if not billions of people spend quality amount of time on YouTube watching videos, even myself i spend a lot of time on YouTube either watching motivational talks or skit, so look for what your good at, get a plan , good phone or camera and create a unique channel then you can start uploading. Start Here

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12. Makeup Artiste.

Makeup Artiste

Makeup Artiste

This is a very wide field of interest and a good way to make money on the side, besides every young girl or lady today would not go out unless they put a make up on, and you find out that most of them wear the wrong makeup , you could publish a video on makeup on YouTube and earn money, or you could do makeup for people and also earn, besides that movie and video directors are looking to hire the best, so make sure your good at makeup and you might get it.

13. Delivery At Spare Time.

 Delivery At Spare Time

Delivery At Spare Time

If you haven’t heard domino pizza , Coldstone and a host of notable eatries in Nigeria are hiring part time delivery workers and that would not be a bad idea at Allen, so checkout the closest to you and make an inquiry to know if they need someone and you could make a few bucks this month.

15. Becoming A Middle Man.

Becoming A Middle Man

Becoming A Middle Man

This is quite simple and funny lets do a bit of word algebra. Mr A has a product he no longer needs and wants to dispose for X price and then you convince him that you would help him dispose that product so you see Mr B who wants Mr A product and willing to pay so you dispose Mr A product to Mr B so in other words your connecting sellers to buyers , yea if course there are tons of websites that does this but most people are scared of the process, so you could be a middle man. I have used the services of a middle man to sell blogs which is called escrow whereby the money is sent to the escrow after all is well then the escrow releases the money to the seller.

16. Hair Stylist.

Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

I bet you never knew you could make a lot of money from making peoples hairs, when I mean hair stylist I am not just referring to women alone, men also everyone can be a hair stylist you just have to know what your doing have the right connection, okay how do you make a lot of money doing peoples hairs , take the technology and make use of it, the internet is booming lots of tweet and Instagrams and Facebook trends use all this to promote yourself showing pictures and videos of people you work for your uniqueness and stuff advertise your self with your phone number and see how the phone would keep on buzzing.

17. Fitness Trainer.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

There are a lot of plus size ladies in Nigeria and you know how it is both for men, men are getting disgusted by their wife getting bigger and same as the women so everyone wants to keep their marriage and therefore wants to look fit and good for their spouse, so hey you’ve been going to the gym for years now why not use that knowledge to make loud cash as you can organize a fitness center or even do private fitness training to clients who don’t want to attend the fitness center and see how loads and loads of cash would come in.

18. Modelling.



Another side hustle that could make you money is modelling, you can also make a career with modelling, but before diving into it you would like to work on your face, posture, your legs and other physical stuff on your body after doing that and if you think your up to the task i would suggest you try out some modelling agencies in Nigeria or better still start your own modelling on Instagram.

19. Rent Out That Expensive Wears To Friends.

Rent Out That Expensive Wears To Friends

Rent Out That Expensive Wears To Friends

I would a use a story to narrate this , there was on time i had a broaks shoe of 25k and a rolex wrist watch that cost me 18k and then my friends would want to lend it every time so i devise a means to lease it to them for as low as 500 for the wrist watch and 1000 for the shoe and after the whole stuff even before i sold it out i made back the money i used to buy it from my friends. So you got that expensive weeding dress you could rent it out and make money.

20. Make Money Fixing/Repairing Smartphones And Computers.

A lot of money can be made from repair , fixing and even trouble shooting phines and computers in fact you could be different from the local repair men by taking your online using YouTube and ifixit.com.

21. Blogging.



Some one would like to ask the difference between a traditional writer like the newspaper editor and a blogger, well a newspaper or magazine editor only writes on topics which they are given to write on and writes on it. well blogging is quite similar to it but different in the sense that your audience can interact and your audience come online to your blog to view your articles it can vary from entertainment , business, relationship, insurance and a lot of others one would also like to ask how to make money blogging well that is quite easy consider paid advertisements, sponsored posts, and also some monetisation in form of adverts like Google Adsense , Media.net , Chikita, Propeller Ads and so on.

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22. Event DJ

Event DJ

Event DJ

Disk Jockeys also know as DJ as they are populary called earn a lot of money, besides Nigeria is a people that loves celebration, ceremonies and sorts so if your good at mixing songs andhave a good laptop and sound console you can get yourself online on instagram and besides your just starting so your price would not be high, i have a friend who is into it you can follow him on instagram @djzainruben.

23. Master Of Ceremony ( MC)

Master Of Ceremony ( MC)

Master Of Ceremony ( MC)

Still on the show business being an MC in Nigeria is actually a high pay side hustle , but you have to be a funny and quite jovial person , know how to get the crowd like you and make a quite boring event to an loving one, so if you got what it takes you can advertise yourself yourself out there.

24. Handyman Services.

Make money as Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Get people to know that you could do little jobs like plumbing, fixing little faults like water leaks , electric fault this kind of side hustle is mostly done by students , i do a bit of it sometimes especially electrically aspect and the pay is quite cool so you could do it as a side hustle and make a few bucks.

25. Interior Designing.

Make money as an interior designer.

Make money as an interior designer.

There are a couple of people looking for people to design their offices, homes and would be pleased to hire someone to do it, so get out there if you have the idea and make a few bucks by designing offices and homes , i can tell you this is a very good side hustle.

26. Start Resume Writing.

Cv, Flowchart, Whiteboard, White, Board

With the rise of graduates on the street and job seekers only few have the knowledge of writing a good resume, so you could grab this opportunity and begin crafting up a resume for job seekers and earn money, you could do it anytime it just requires your writing skills.

27. Babysitting Gigs.

Mother, Daughter, Family, Park, Child

Ever over hear someone complain on who would look after their little ones at home, probably they are going out that night and are ready to pay anyone to babysit, well if you haven’t heard that well i have heard that quite a lot and i feel it’s a good gig especially if you love hanging out with kids you could make up to 15k to 25k per day or night for just babysitting so keep your ears wide open and grab the opportunity when it comes knocking.

28. Catch Typos.

Catch Typos

Catch Typos

Are you a guru in typos and grammar errors you could make tons of money hustling in proofreading for individuals, organizations or companies or even for a writer , so i would suggest you sign up for Workdesk.ng and sign up as a proof reader and wait for Nigerian clients to contact you and start making money.

29. Teach English As A Second Language.

Business, Lady, Woman, Girl, Computer

There was one of my girlfriend that studied English in school and quite as boring as it sounds she makes a lot of money, not that she goes to a conventional classroom to teach a bunch of kids but she does this via her YouTube channel and places her personal contact and chat and hold live videos with her students who pays her a whole lot of money. So you see teaching English is cool well a a second language in this case is that most of her students are from non English speaking countries and would love to learn and write English so she also teaches them.

30. Convert Gift Cards To Cash.

Card Gift Gift Wrap Paper Present Wood Gif

There are a lot of young Nigerians that would love to convert their gift cards either Itunes, Amazon or other types of gift cards to Naira, you could venture into that by Registering for Paxful.com and follow the process and therefore get you commision from the clients for every gift card you convert.

31. Get Paid For Browsing.

Workstation Home Office Computer Coffee Mu

Well this might not be popular because most of the offers are only available for people living in US and other countries but i have tried an App that actually pays you in for of Airtime for browsing you can check out Mccent Browser in playstore.

32. Start Your Own Niche Website.

Wordpress Background Web Design Website Cm

This won’t take more than 30minutes you just need to get a host like godaddy and also buy domain from them or check out Namecheap , having a niche website means focusing on a particle Niche of interest and post articles on that Niche and accept paid advertisements , saving the student is an example of a website.

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33. Freelancing.

Entrepreneur Startup Start-Up Woman Planni

Are you a stay home mom or you need to kick some extra bucks and you think you have a good writing skill and a good grammar humor you can make a lot of bucks from trusted sites like Upwork and Fiverr by freelancing.

34. Technical Freelancing.

Ux, Prototyping, Design, Webdesign, App

I guess your thinking that freelancing is all about writing well, it’s not all about writing there are all other skills in freelancing like web design, graphics designs so you can check sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer to show your technical skills to available clients.

35. Maintain Fan Pages.

Facebook, Social Media, Internet

Get paid to maintain fan page , like celebrity pages or pages with large audience so log on Fiverr and search for jobs.

36. Pet Sitting.

Couch, Feet, Shoes, Wooden, Floor, Dog

Funny right ? how would people pay someone to baby sit their dog, well people actually do especially those who take their dogs like a companion and would not like to leave the dog lonely, i have a friend that receives 25k per month for dog sitting and he actually does that 4 times in a month.

37. Sell Your old Stuff On Olx or jiji.

Ecommerce Selling Online Online Sales E-Co

If your Nigeria and have not heard of olx or jiji then you are missing a lot, you can sell your old stuff on these sites and meet the person in person and exchange money for the product. Last week i just sold my old fridge on Jiji and it was a nice deal.

38. Affiliate Marketing.

Marketing Affiliates Digital Marketing Aff

You can promote affiliate links on your site , blog or your social media pages and make money in form of percentage when someone buys the product via your link you can become affiliate marketer for sites like Jumia and Konga.

39. Buy And Sell Domain Name.

Domain Internet Web Dot Com Www Website Na

This is quite profitable , i once fell for it when i wanted to buy a very good domain name only to find out that the domain has been bought and parked and i had to buy it for $500 from the person for a domain that could have been bought for $0.99.

40. Register On Udemy And Start Teaching Other Students.

Banner Header Mathematics Formula Physics

This is just like selling your education to others , well the market opportunity has been slim untill Udemy came by and now its easier to sell online courses and lecture other students online.

41. Develop A Dating App/Site.

Man Woman Love Dating Email Dating Site Ch

Everyone pretty loves online dating sharing love with someone thy haven’t met or yet to meet, so with the high rise of people looking to join an online dating site or app you could make a lot of money by offering registration for a few bucks and make millions.

42. Make Money Testing Apps And Websites.

Webdesign, Design, Web, Website

The main aim is to improve user experience , so companies needs real users like you and i to test new apps and websites and giver reports check out User Testing.

43. Online Surveys.

Experience, Feedback, Survey, Customer

This is quite an easy way of making money , you work less and earn more money there are companies out there ready to pay you to fulfill some task and test some things a list of top survey sites can be found in this article by Naija.

44. Become An Online Tutor.

Online Tutoring

There are Nigerian sites like Tutor.ng that you can monetize your tutoring skills and create learning materials for others.

45. Sell On E-commerce Sites.

Ecommerce Selling Online Online Sales E-Co

There are sites like jumia, konga that allows a merchant to list his/her product for sale to her large ton of audience this is also a legit way to make money quick in Nigeria.

46. List On Property Websites.

Real Estate, Icons, Marketing, Home

Do you know any house for rent? or land for sale in your visinity you could earn quick cash as agency fee on listing the property on sites like Tolet and jumia house private property.

47. Sell Designs and Creatives Online.

Sale Doll Head Abstract Face Reduced Decor

I bet you’ve not heard of Printivo online store , this is a marketplace that allows users to upload designs and sell to customers.

48. Publish Books Online.

Phone, Mobile, Telephone, Smartphone

Okadabooks makes it easy to upload your books articles or any written content and users can monetize their content thereby you are paid every time you content is downloaded.

49. Forex And Crypto Trading.

Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, Blockchain

Well if though this might not be the best advice to give or best business to venture but still its a cool way to make a side cash and use as a side hustle although with lots of cash but still people make a lot of money with it , so i’d suggest you go out to look for the best tutorial read and begin.

50. Write Sport Reviews.

Relay Race Competition Stadium Sport Run A

well hello to all those dudes that can tell everything on football and other sports are good with athletes and their names and can write a good review, well its time to make money with your smart ideas so try applying to newspapers looking for sport review writers, or you could easily create a blog and write your review and make some cool  cash by monetization.

Kick start To Make Money In Nigeria.

Karate Martial Arts Training Exercise Mart

After giving a detailed post on 50 ways to make money in Nigeria , i don’t expect every one of them on the list to work for you so i listed 50 of them so you have the preference of choosing which one fits you and is easier for you besides you have to make money quick.

So to successfully make money in Nigeria i would love you to follow these lists and steps and don’t forget to give this post a share and drop your comments and observations, questions are also allowed.

see you in our next article

Stay Blessed and Rich.

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