Are You Broke! Top 10 Business You Can Do In Nigerian Universities

Top 10 Business To Do In Nigerian

Top 10 Business You Can Do In Nigerian Universities

Top 10 Business You Can Do In Nigerian Universities

Most of the business I would be explaining in this post today requires no special skills or knowledge they are simple and plain business ideas which you can start.

  1. Business Centre: Photo copy, printing, laminating, typsetting and typing all these are necessary in the university so this is a nice Business.
  2. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services: There are lots of students who don’t like doing their laundry themselves probably because of their busy schedules, there are also lecturers, and non teaching staff.
  3. Doing Assignment For Others: There are student that don’t like doing their assignment themselves and don’t mind paying to get it done so this is for you.
  4. Online Registration: You can start the business of online registration for new students and even old student in the campus.
  5. Selling Snacks: Students loves snacks so don’t worry it would sell fine, try getting a small space and start something.
  6. Game Centre: Your thinking that university Students are above video games but that’s not true they also play video games even better.
  7. Project Writing: If your good you could stats writting project for final year students or even normal project and charge them.
  8. Custimizing Wears: Every Students wants his or her name at the back of their jersey so this is cool business if you can customize these shirts.
  9. Soccer House: Also known as viewing center if you got a space or rented shop you could start a football viewing centre.
  10. Tutorials: seriously tutorials earns a lot in school every one wants to pass and if your good at a particular course then this is your chance.
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We’ve come to the end of this lovely post and I would live you to look into blogging which could make you lots of money if your good at it.

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