Best Places To Exchange Currency In Nigeria

Hey! Welcome to Nigeria one of the largest countries in the world – 186 million people. Probably your in the country for business or vacation, or even to visit a loved one for whatsoever ever reason.

No matter how long or shot your trip would be you would sure make some Expenses but the fact is that you’d not be spending the currency you Cam with you’d have to exchange the currency to the local currency of Nigeria which is Naira.

This guide is all about that on how to exchange currency in Nigeria and the best places to exchange currency in Nigeria.

What Is The Official Currency Of Nigeria

The official currency for nigeria is the Naira with code NGN which is in full as the Nigerian Naira.

Although when you arrive at the airport or the hotels USD is commonly accepted from tourist and truth be told the rate varies so it’s better to check what your getting.

Factors To Consider Before Exchanging Currency

You would find currency exchange very expensive if you don’t do your homework. But in this section I’ve listed few things to keep in mind before you take up your quest to exchange currency in Nigeria.

  • Do some research on the mid-market rate of the Naira with your home currency.
  • Before you finally do the exchange compare it with the rate online with sites Abokifx
  • As a matter of fact avoid exchanging currency at the airport.
  • Dollar MasterCard is accepted by most ATM machine in Nigeria.
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How To Exchange Currency In Nigeria

When it comes to exchanging Currency in Nigeria there are so many options to choose from and since it’s your first time to one of the most populated black country you’d be wondering how do I exchange currency in Nigeria well I’d suggest you do your home work before going out there.

Where To Avoid When It Comes To Currency Exchanging In Nigeria.

The one place to avoid when it comes to Currency Exchange in Nigeria is the international airport.

Yea your at the airport as a foreigner and it seems like the only place to do the exchange but it’s not serious exchanging currency at the airport sucks.

Best places to exchange currency in Nigeria

Best places to exchange currency in Nigeria

Places To Exchange Currency In Nigeria

  • Sulah Burea De Change

Sulah Bureau De Change (BDC) Limited is registered and licensed in Nigeria under the provisions of the BOFIA NO.25 to carry out small scale Foreign Exchange Services in Nigeria.

They are one of the largest exchange services in Nigeria, with a network of branches covering major cities including Abuja and Lagos. There are branches at international airports, for convenience.

  • 313 Currency Exchange

If your in Abuja the Nigerian capital you can try that with the location below.

Address: Oshakati Street, Zone 4

  • Al-Mansur Bureau de Change

This bureau the change is also located in the capital city Abuja.

Address: 528 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse

  • Large hotels in Nigeria also do exchange

Like the likes of Hilton hotel, Nordic hotel.

  • Everdon

If your Lagos then you can check their office and Exchange that currency your holding.

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When doing the exchange care should take care you might hear them saying zero fees or zero charges but somehow they’d make their money and that’s when you see they start giving you poor rates.

Avoid Exchanging Too Much Cash At The Airport

Exchanging currency at the airport sucks because of their bad rate but you can exchange a little probably to buy simesomet to eat or take a taxi since the taxi won’t accept dollar.

Make Sure To Come Wit A Clean Currency

Seriously when coming into the country with your currCurr I would suggest you bring along a clean currency don’t come with a roughed up currency, torn or even marked currency you might get rejected at the exchange place.

Inform Your Home Bank That Your Traveling Abroad.

Always inform your home bank that you’d be traveling abroad especially to Nigeria where there have been cases of fraud so banks ATM are now secured with anti-theft and would reject your card or limit you to a limited amount which can be frustrating.

Final Words

Welcome to Nigeria I wish you a nice Stay, bring in cash to spend there are places to visit so you’d need money no matter how short or long your trip would last.

So this post is about the best places to exchange currency in Nigeria.

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