Five Tips For PUBG Mobile And Survive As An Expert

The arrival of the game PUBG Mobile to the iOS and Android terminals has led many users to install it in their devices since the quality is beyond doubt in this action title. Of course, the beginnings may not be easy in this development, so we provide some tips for PUBG Mobile to start as an expert.

If you do not know what game this is, something that is complicated since it is one of the best known today, we talk about a development that puts you in the skin of a soldier who has to defeat his enemies and, for that, he must use different weapons. This is a title that is played online and, the truth is that it is the most entertaining and addictive. But, if it is the first time you try it and you do not want to despair after a few minutes, it is worth receiving some advice for PUBG Mobile.

If you have not downloaded this development on your smartphone, then we leave the corresponding download links

for the two most used operating systems on mobile devices today:

The tips for PUBG Mobile

These are not to become the best player that exists in this development, because for it you will have to dedicate a few hours (enough, the truth). But what is certain is that you will take some initial steps to start as you should enjoy PUBG Mobile. These are our recommendations:

Adjust your preferences

This is quite important and the first thing you have to do. This is because especially in control of actions is basic so that everything goes as it should in this game. It is possible to do it in the existing settings -you access them by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the screen, and in them you can set what each side of the touch panel is used for (for example, to shoot and move ) until you set the sensitivity when recognizing movements. The use of the gyroscope is present in PUBG Mobile … but with it activated it may take you longer to feel comfortable.

Updated: July 28, 2019 — 12:44 pm

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