Sites Like Fiverr & Upwork: 5 Best Sites That Accept Freelancers Easily In 2019

5 Best Sites That Accept Freelancers Easily Compared To Upwork & Fiverr In 2019

5 Best Sites That Accept Freelancers Easily Compared To Upwork & Fiverr In 2019

Freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr are available on the internet, you can easily search that on Google and you’d be faced with a huge collection to choose from. But truth be told not all freelance site are worth your time.

Some freelance sites are copycats trying hard to mimic Upwork or Fiverr instead of bringing new things to the web space.

Upwork is like one of the oldest freelance site followed by Fiverr and both have been in hot competition and have millions of users all over the world.

So it’s not easy for competitors to outrank both Upwork and Fiverr but nonetheless we’ve compiled 5 Best Sites That Accept Freelancers Easily Compared To Upwork & Fiverr In 2019.

Fine, Upwork & Fiverr are huge and boasts of millions of customers worldwide. Their huge sizes has also created a huge limitation to Clients and new freelancers.

New freelancers find it difficult to get jobs because they have no reviews and recommendations on their profiles. Furthermore, they have to compete for the slightest of job postings with other freelancers who are willing to go lower than 2000 Meters below sea level. 😄

Also clients on the other hand find it more difficult to choose between so many applications they get for jobs they post, making it difficult to choose between quality and quantity.


Here are

5 Best Sites That Accept Freelancers Easily Compared To Upwork & Fiverr In 2019.

This is what you’ve been waiting for and I’d not like to waste more time so let’s dive into the main part of this article.

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But I’d like you to know that this has been researched and with so many review and testimonies this list is accurate and properly compiled.

  • PeoplePerHour

This freelance sites has been around since 2007 and although not as large as either Upwork or Fiverr but they still boast of large number of reliable Freelancers.

How is PeoplePerHour a site like Upwork And Fiverr?

  1. Freelancers don’t have to pay a different to register on the site.
  2. Just like Upwork And Fiverr freelancer you can post a job and allow Freelancers to bid for it.
  3. Freelancers have the opportunity to participate in different categories of jobs including graphic designs and so on.

How’s PeoplePerHour different from Upwork And Fiverr?

  1. Quality is assured as frellafrellafree are checked before they are able to sell their which is not done in either Fiverr or Upwork.
  2. Posting jobs on the platform is absolutely free but getting the job featured requires you pay a fee.
  3. It’s user friendly in the sense that it’s easy to browse through the profile of freelancers before hiring any.


Guru has been online for a while with a quite smaller platform compared to Upwork or Fiverr but it’s also a strong and reliable platform and has some cons better than Fiverr and upwoUp combined.

This platform makes it possible for freelancer to work long term as the guru team is involved and helps you to get a team ready always instead of sourcing for a team or freelancer whenever you have a project.

Some similarities Guru And Upwork?

  1. Freelancers don’t have to pay a dime to start selling.
  2. Long term partnership can be established on both platform.
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How does Guru differ from Upwork and Fiverr?

  1. Buyers have to pay a token of $29.95 to get job featured on Guru


Freelancer boast of over 20million customers world wide.

It is the only Freelance site having the exact domain. The platform is user friendly and as a blog and web designer I’d admit that i like the interface and design.

How Freelancer a website like Upwork and Fiverr?

  1. They all boast of millions of customers world wide.
  2. It’s free to post jobs on three platform.

What’s the difference Freelancer from Upwork and Upwork?

  1. Freelancer uses a plan system and members pay $3 per accepted jobs.
  2. Enables you to get Freelancers into a kind of contest and the one with the best sample gets the job.
  3. You can hire project manager to monitor the job if your busy at other things although comes with an extra cost.


Seriously I’d not quite be upfront with words but this is a direct competitor with Upwork and I thinks it’s even dragging space with Fiverr.

Like the name Microwork this platform enables clients to give simple and easy task to be carried out by Freelancers.

How’s Microworkers a site like Upwork and Fiverr?

  1. User rating is used to get the best Freelancers out there and get the job done.
  2. Freelancers are not restricted to a specific categories.

in what areas is this Fiverr & Upwork alternative different?

  1. A small freelance sites of 700,000 members but boast in service to Fiverr and Upwork having 30million users.
  2. It restrict users to hire Freelancers on mostly micro jobs that could be completed within hours.
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Homepage of

Fivesquid has been around for quite a while and it’s a British Freelance site and the currency of payment is [£] and it provides services starting from £5.

Fivesquid is kind of a more direct competitor with Fiverr. But whatever competes with Fiverr also competes with Upwork—which makes it suitable for my list of Upwork competitors.

*Check out Fiverr alternatives on Naijahomebased

How’s Fivesquid an Upwork & Fiverr competitor?

  1. Most of it’s traffic is coming from EU, Asia, India and Pakistan Region therby reducing the workforce going to Fiverr and upwUpw from those Region (according to Alexa traffic stat)
  2. Right from the home page the best Freelancers are featured so it’s easier to hire the best.

We’ve come to the end of this article so

Which of the Upwork & Fiverr competitors should you choose?

That’s what lingering on your mind right?

Well the problem in lists is that at the end it tends to cause confusion so I just limited it to jus five, although there are more but for the sake of the the Upwork and Fiverr alternatives we’d stick to these.

As they are amongst the best competitors with Upwork and Fiverr.

If there is anyway you feel a site is not supposed to be on the list feel free to contact me and I’d look into it.

For the meanwhile thanks for reading check out other post in how to make money it would interest you.

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