How To Activate GTBANK Token Easily And Use It For Transfers

How To Activate GTBANK Token Easily And Use It For Transfers

GTBANK customers who need to carry out transaction online all you need is the GTBANK token and such transaction would be carried out safely. In this post you’d be informed on how to get and activate the GTBANK token the following 24hours it’s been delivered to your account and how to use it for online transaction.

How To Get New Gtbank Token

The Gtbank is a kind of small device and very easy to obtain. Just take a visit to any Gtbank closest to you and request for the Gtbank token and you’d be given a form to fill.

After filling the form your account would be charged with a particular amount which we can’t say but if you’ve been charged you can tell how much in the comment box.

After receiving the token you need to register it online, the token would be useless until you activate it online.

After activating it you’d have to wait for 24hours after which you can use it for any transactions follow the steps below to activate Gtbank token.

How To Activate GTBANK Token

  • Visit the Gtbank online platform and you’d be required to input your surname, Account Number and you’d create a unique password which should be kept safe.
  • Provide the token ID you’ve been given which can be found at the back of the token behind the white panel, after inputing the token ID click “Acknowledge” and don’t add any hyphen before or after the ID.
  • After that you’d get an SMS from Gtbank thanking you for the acknowledging the token ID.
  • After getting that SMS your free to carry out any transactions in fact even immediately.
How To Activate GTBANK Token

How To Activate GTBANK Token

What’s “Token” Anyway?

Wondering what we’ve been blabbing about since? Well token is a device issued by banks or financial organization to costumers to enable them create a special code whenever they want to undergo online transaction.

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Technology is growing and banking is improving it’s services every day and this token is linked to your account and to confirm transaction banks have made it easier by issuing token.

To make use of your token, you are to press the button on it in order to offer you a code that you will use any time you complete an online transfer. Do not forget to always keep your Token safe for your own benefit.

GTBank token helps you to protect your account from online Theft as well as the Fraudsters. It is the token key that will allow you to have full access to perform the third party online transactions through the Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking platform.

So I want you to drop you question, suggestions and even experience and it would be attended to.

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