How to Download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android

Here, we will be teaching you just how to download and watch Netflix Offline on Android. Netflix is an online subscription based streaming service and arguably the very best when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. They have a wide range collection of movies as well as TV shows of different genre which caters to every kind of movie or TV show lover. The Netflix Mobile app takes all these to another level by bringing on some perks. One of which is the ability to stream your movies or TV shows wherever and whenever you want, even on the go. This way, you won’t miss your favorite TV show and can watch it immediately it is available.

Netflix is truly a must have for every movie and tv show lover. One of the features of the Netflix Android app which we will be talking about here is the ability to download a movie or TV show which can be watched and re-watched at a later time without needing an internet connection. This is for those without a stable internet connection who can’t stream a full movie or an episode of their favorite tv show without the occasional buffering/loading here and there. You can download the whole movie or tv show first, before you begin to watch them. This way, you can watch them without it buffering or stopping due to bad network.

How to Download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android

To Download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android, you’ll first need to check some boxes. First, you’ll have to make sure your Netflix app is up-to-date. If it isn’t, head to the Google play store and Update. Next, you’ll have to get an internet connection, preferably a WiFi network connection. Once all these needs have been met, you can go ahead and follow the steps below.

  • Open the Netflix App and Click on the Hamburger Icon.
  • Next, Select the available For Download option which will list out the available movies and TV shows for Download.
  • To download a movie, Tap the Download button under the Play button. To Download a TV show, simply click on the download button Located next to each episode.
  • Depending on how fast your internet connection this shouldn’t take long except you’re Downloading multiple movies or TV shows episodes at once.
  • Once the Download is done, you can access the My Downloads Section to view and Watch the Downloaded movie/TV shows.
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To delete a movie or TV show from the Downloaded list, simply tap on the Edit Option and Click on the Red X next it. You should know that deleting a movie or tv show means you can’t watch it offline any more and would need an internet connection to stream it when next you wanna watch it. Not all Movies and Tv shows are available for offline watch and those that are available can be found in the available for Download section.


Being able to download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android means that you can download as much movies as you want when Connected to a free WiFi network and watch it later with no internet connection. You’ll need a enough internal storage tho if you plan on Downloading a lot of movies. What do you think of this feature ? And will you be using it anytime soon ?

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