Meet SA Celebrities Who Are Living Positively With HIV And Aids

Throughout the decades, there have been a few SA open figures who have turned out into open, as well as figured out how to carry on with a long life in spite of the dangerous malady. Taking everything into account, being determined to have HIV doesn’t imply that it’s te apocalypse. The accompanying famous people have demonstrated so by being a motivation utilizing their acclaim to examine their HIV status and to advocate for sympathy and mindfulness around HIV, planning to help other people to do likewise. Here are 5 of them.

Koyo Bala

In a 2011 meeting with DRUM magazine, Bala talked transparently about living with HIV. He said he had gotten the determination in 2010 and had made a guarantee to help other people in a similar circumstance. He anyway kicked the bucket of malignant growth in 2015.

“I am HIV-positive, and as a VIP and somebody who is transparently gay, it is vital to turn out. I need to utilize my bubbly identity to assist those battling with coming to terms with their status and ingrain a feeling of expectation.”

Criselda Kananda

Radio DJ Criselda Kananda, was analyzed HIV positive over 13 years prior, when she was seven months pregnant. Today she is a mother of 3, persuasive orator, proficient advisor, previous attendant, restorative financier and serves on the leading group of the South African National Guides Chamber.


Lesego Motsepe

Lesego Motsepe who for a long time played Lettie Matabane in Isidingo, uncovered her status on World Guides Day in 2011. She said “Our general public had made this infection a beast and all it is, is an infection. I’m doing it for the voiceless individuals out there who simply discovered today, and realize that I have their back.” Tragically Motsepe quit utilizing life-sparing ARVs in 2012. She kicked the bucket in 2014.

Musa ‘Queen’ Njoko

Gospel artist Musa ‘Queen’ Njoko publicly disclosed her HIV-positive status in 1995. She was 22 when she was diagnosed, at a time when treatment was not available in South Africa. She faced a lot of stigma and hostility but also found support.

Thabang Sefatsa

Former footballer, Thabang Sefatsa made headlines when he confessed to being HIV positive, and he revealed the reason why more players don’t speak out.

Updated: January 27, 2019 — 11:08 am

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