How Online dating Is A Great Way To Begin A Serious Relationship

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Online dating being presumed by so many people to be the last resort for nerds who were not able to get a real live date or get into a relationship. well that’s what they believe and its actually a myth so in this topic today we’d be looking at how online dating is a great way to begin a serious relationship.

In fact in the past years there have been the rise of so many online dating sites and there have been some claiming to have so many users up to millions but according to my reseraches they were not just mere claims they were actually true because there have been an increase in the membership of this sites.

well my friend Tony would always say he doesn’t see the reason why he should date a lady online besides he see’s so many ladies everyday and truthfully speaking he has his ways with the ladies, but that’s for Tony but speaking personally i have found online dating to be fun and have had a lot of experience in it.

What Is Online Dating?

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I have written a lot of words and someone inexperienced or not used to the term online dating would be like what the f**k is he talking about or what the hell does Online dating means well in this discussion/article i would love to carry every reader along so lets employ the help of Wikipedia that defined onlne dating as ” a relationship between people who have met online, and in many cases know each other only via the Internet. Online relationships are similar in many ways to pen pal relationships. This relationship can be romantic, platonic, or even based on business affairs“. well that’s a pretty definition from wikipedia but it doesnt end there because i would love us to compare, contrast and check the similarities with that of Urbandictionary which says ” 1. While almost universally panned, Online Dating can actually be a wonderful thing. People need to realize that not everyone online is fake, and that there are some genuine people out there. I know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now. To the people that say internet love doesn’t exist, they’re WRONG.Love is love, no matter how far apart you two may live.End of discussion“. well the end of discussion there i think the person that defined it was trying to be straight and candid enough look at 2. “Online Dating is where you call text or email the person which is your online gf/bfand send pictuers and talk on the phone and meet each-other in real life“.

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i think the definition of online dating is pretty clear now lets shoot straight to the next step of

Joining A Dating Site

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Before you say proudly that you are dating online you have to be registered to a dating site which is legit and has quite a good number of users. and some of the personal details that would be needed by some of these sites would be your real name as the person you would eventually date would be keen to know your real name, your contact details like house address, emails, and telephone contact and most likely nickname as so many people like me love been called by their nickname. so lets move on

Choosing Your Matches

Remember those times when you need a girlfriend and that your bad-ass friend is trying to be of help and he would be like look at that one with the s*xy legs, big b**bs and one with the nice a** and you begin to use his/her judgement to make your decision well that is different from the online community where you scroll and move from one profile to another looking at their likes and don’t likes and pictures as a visual guide to help you in picking your perfect match.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Dating

well in the online dating community there are things you should do and there are thing you shouldn’t , for a start never share any information above name and phone contact to the person your chatting with untill you confirm that the person is real and legit, as there are so many scammers out there who register on these site to gain the trust of singles then extort money from them. but never to worry as the security of these sites are greatly improved and revised by its trained personel.

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Why Not take The Relationship Offline

well if you feel you have established a kind of bond and a perfect chemistry the next step might be taking the relationship offline and having your first real life date, by these your suppose to know your partners likes and dislikes so you could have a perfect date.

so this is a thumbs up from me as i wish you a great relationship.

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