Paystack Review: Is The Platform Secure? Or Scam? Read This Before Using The Platform

Paystack Review: All the Questions You Have Been Asking

I have always sold one thing or the other online and i’ve integrated so many payment system including PayPalSkrillNeteller, but truth be told the journey with these platform haven’t been fun. considering the rate of fraud and scam in Nigeria a lot of features has been restricted from users from our ends and we end up having PayPal account that can receive payments but cannot cashout.

For those with these experience the’d quite agree with me that this has not been fun at all.

Okay apart from these foreign platform, what of people that make use of the system called “pay into my bank account when i confirm the payment i’d send you your package“. There is lack of trust using the above method of payment right? yes of course

The Birth Of Paystack Payment Gateway.

Then Paystack came into existence to alleviate the worries of Nigerians in terms of payment online.

What Is Paystack?

Paystack is an online payment platform that is in the business of brokering financial transactions between the merchants and customers.

Paystack integrates one of the most secure practices available, leveraging that to give vendors the opportunity to broaden the scope of accepting payments.

As of the time of writing, the platform is becoming a rapidly developing server for acceptance of credit and debit card payments. Not only in the local market but on a global scale too.

The Brains Behind The Platform Paystack

Behind every successful man there is a woman so they said. but that woman is his mother hahaha.

well behind every successful business there are brains that does the development and thinking.

Well the two brains behind Paystack are Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade. Their story is even more interesting in the fact that the had neither the financial nor institutional backing to start what is now known as Paystack today.

My Personal Journey With Paystack

Hope you didn’t expect me to write a review on what i did not test or use? Of course i made use of the platform and it was awesome and cool.

I started using Paystack Since January 2019 and i would confess it’s been a wonderful experience ever since.

To the extent of using the system to receive payment for services apart from selling my eBooks i also use it to charge for my consultation and it has been awesome and my customers are satisfied by the platform.

It’s so effective that immediately a person pays for my eBook automatically the download link is sent to the person and takes just few hours for my money to reflect into my account.

Mind you they take a little deduction, well besides everyone got to make money right.

Things Needed To Register Your Business On Paystack

  • Verified Bank Account To receive payment with your complete name
  • Form of verification eg National ID
  • Phone number verification using Truecaller
  • Email Verification

How Long Does It Takes To Get My Account Functioning

Well this takes only a few minutes to validate your information and you can start creating payment pages.

Are Customers Details Safe On Paystack

Yes! customers details are absolutely secured on the platform, yea you have a right to be worried besides its your money.

Paystack operate with a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) badge.

This entails that they have been reviewed by the top names in the payment business (the likes of Mastercard, Visa and Verve’s regulatory bodies) and certified worthy of safely brokering transactions.

well the safety of the system can be assured with the top brands that makes use of their platform you’d see them below but first with the use of Paystack secured system get this Ebook On Beginners Guide To Mini Importation In Nigeria Makking 50K to 100K Monthly HERE.

Top Brands And Businesses That Makes Use Of Paystack

If your not still sure on how safe the platform the system is, well these topbrands that receives millions in transactions daily would convince you if i cant convince you. som of the top brands that makes use of Paystack are UberTaxifyDomino’s Pizza, Jobberman,PushCV, Hotels.ngPayPorteIrokoTV and Gigalayer.

How Much Do Paystack Charge? And What Cards Can Be USed To Pay

Paystack Payments

The above cards are the accepted card used for payment on the platform, and Paystack charges.

For cards issued by Nigerian banks, Paystack will take a fee of 1.5% and an additional #100 on every transaction. For transactions below #2,500, they don’t take the #100.

For international transactions though, the charge is slightly higher at 3.9%. There is also an #100 fee for every transaction which will not be waived under any circumstances. Note that all international transactions will be processed and remitted to the merchant in Naira credits: naijatechguide

What Currencies Does Paystack Accept?

As at the time of this publication Paystack only accepts payment in Naira but there is a beta testing on USD and GBP and these post would be updated when other currencies have been added.

Can I Use Paystack For An Unregistered Bussiness?

Yes you can use Paystack payment gateway for small scale bussines which is not yet registered but note that there would be some restrictions.

Can I integrate Paystack for online payments And How Much Does It Cost?

Yeah you can,

Infact some global services that uses paystack includes Shopify, woocommerce.

And paystack don’t charge a dime to intergerate the system with your business so it’s absolutely free to use.


Thank you for taking your time to read this post and I want you to know that with the event of things now paystack is the dream we were all waiting to come and it’s here with us.

What do you think of paystack? Drop your comments below they are everly welcomed.

Updated: March 9, 2019 — 2:49 am

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