Top 10 Richest People in Latvia 2019 Updated List

Who Is The Richest Man In Latvia

Who Is The Richest Man In Latvia

Who Is The Richest Man In Latvia?

Yes who are the richest people in Latvia and how did they get to where they are now, their Net worth and Line of business this and many more we’d find out in this post.

Latvia is an individual from the WTO and EU. The country’s money is euro. Euro turned into the country’s money on January 1 2014, supplanting Lats. A large number live in Latvia.Here is a short diagram of the main 10 tycoons of Latvia starting at 2019.

List Of The Top 10 Richest Man In Latvia

  • 1. Olegs Fils

Net Worth: LVL 175MILLION

Olegs Fils Total assets Profit Salary Venture Resources in 2018. Olegs Fils is the Richest man in Latvia. He is the biggest investor of ABLV bank. He has put resources into the bank through his OF Holding. The fruitful running of the bank has assumed a noteworthy job in making riches for Olegs Fils. The choice to swing to overhauling non-occupants’ business is yielding superb outcomes. The bank has been putting vigorously in an undertaking to solidify its situation in the market and to enhance its budgetary position.

  • 2. Enersts Bernins

Net worth: LVL 172 Million

Ernests Bernis Total assets Profit Pay Speculation Resources in 2018. Ernests Bernis is he second biggest proprietor of ABLV Bank. He has put resources into the bank through his Cassandra Holding Organization. He possesses 99.92 percent offers of Cassandra Holding Organization.

  • 3. Leonid Esterkin

Net worth: LVL 100 Million

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Leonid Esterkin Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018. Leonid Esterkin is the largest owner of Rietumu Bank. He owns around 33 percent shares of the company. The bank has been using the residence permit program to earn profits. It is seeking to expand by attracting customers from nations like China. The bank is doing good business.

  • 4. Arnis Riekstins

Net worth: LVL 66Million

Arnis Riekstins Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018.Arnis Riekstins is the co-owner of Wi-Fi solutions company Mikrotikls. He owns 50 percent of the company. The company’s computer networking products are of high quality. Mikrotik RouterOS and Mikrotik RouterBOARD are its popular products.

  • 5. Arkady Sukharenko

Net worth: LVL 61Million

Arkady Sukharenko Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018.Arkady Sukharenko is the co-owner of Rietumu Bank. He owns 17 percent shares of the bank. His bank is benefiting from the residence permit program.

  • 6. Valery Maligin

Net worth: LVL 60Million

Valery Maligin Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018.Valery Maligin is the owner and manager of OlainFarm, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Latvia. The company is doing very well. OlainFarm bought 70.88 percent of shares in Silvanols. With its nearly 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, it is attracting the attention of many investors.

  • 7. Joseph Apts

Net worth: LVL 55Million

Joesph Apts Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018.Joesph Apts owns half of Recipe Plus and Sentor Farm. Recipe Plus is doing well. Its market-share is more than 30 percent. He also owns Soneil Studio beauty shop, half of AZ Group and Faraway real estate property.

  • 8. Vadim Telista

Net worth: LVL 54Million

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Vadim Telista Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018Vadim Telista owns half of the pharmaceutical company Repharm. He has been among the top 10 millionaires in Latvia for many years.

  • 9. Justs Nikolai Karlsons

Net Worth: LVL 52Million

Justs Nikolai Karlsons Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018Latvia is indeed a land of millionaires. We, in this list, had a look at the richest men belonging to and residing in Latvia. The list began with Olegs Fils estimated to own LVL 165m and ends with Karlsons owning LVL 42m.

  • 10. Uldis Asars

Net worth: LVL 47Million

Uldis Asars Net Worth Earnings Income Investment Assets in 2018.This Latvian businessman is the owner of AKZ (Aizkraukles Kokzagetava), a company that earns profits by investing in foreign markets. He also owns 60 percent of C22, a company that is into real estate property management.

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