Richest Man In Montserrat | Top 10 Montserrat Billionaires And Millionaires 2019

2019 OFFICIAL FORBES LIST: Richest People In Montserrat

  • 1. Donaldson Romeo

Net Worth: US $ 3.1 Billion

Donaldson Romeo (born 1962) is the Premier of Montserrat, holding the position since the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) won the country’s September 2014 elections.[1] Having formerly worked as an artist and a journalist, he was first elected to parliament as an independent in 2011.

Romeo was born in Salem, Montserrat in 1962. He attended Salem Primary School and Montserrat Secondary School, before becoming a pupil at the George School, a boarding school in the United States. Although he started studying medicine at Temple University, he returned to Montserrat after a year to help his father with his hardware business.[3] In 1984 he moved to the United Kingdom, where he became an artist. He was served with a deportation order, but after gaining support from MPs Ken Livingstone and John Carlisle and the National Portrait Gallery, his order was overturned on a technicality.[3]

After the court case, Romeo returned to Montserrat and continued working as an artist before rejoining his family’s hardware firm. Following the eruption of Soufrière Hills in the mid-1990s, he became a journalist.

  • 2. Lowell Lewis

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

The Honourable Lowell Lyttleton Lewis is said to have been born August 18, 1952 in Montserrat. Lowell Lewis was a politician, a former Chief Minister of Montserrat. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Montserrat.

Lewis first elected in April 2001, took office as Chief Minister on 2 June 2006. At the time, he headed a coalition government consisting of his party, the Montserrat Democratic Party (MDP), the former ruling New People’s Liberation Movement (NPLM), and an independent legislator, Mr David Brandt.

A snap election was called during his term, and was held on 8 September 2009. Reuben Meade was sworn in as new Chief Minister before becoming the first Premier of Montserrat. Dr Lewis was re-elected as an independent candidate, but subsequently lost his seat at the general election of September 2014. Lowell Lewis net worth is US $ 12.5 billion and No. 2 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes.

  • 3. Lydia Simmons

Net Worth: US $2 Billion

Lydia Emelda Simmons is a Labour Party local politician in Slough, Berkshire, England who was active between 1979 and 2007. She has the distinction of being the first person, as well as specifically the first female, of African descent, to become mayor in England. By the end of her tenure as Councillor on Slough Borough Council (1979 – 1994 and 1999 – 2007), she was the longest-serving member of the council. She was born in Montserrat, a small volcanic island in the Caribbean.

  • 4. Elton Williams

Net Worth: US $1.87 Billion


Who is Elton Williams and what is Elton Williams Net Worth Salary and earnings 2019. How much is Elton Williams worth 2019? According to Forbes’ 2019, there are some people in Montserrat who through their hard work, determination and persistence made a big fortune over time and are entitled the Richest People of Montserrat. Elton Williams is certainly part of the list.

Elton Williams (born 4 July 1973) is a Guyanese-born Montserratian international football player who plays in defence for Ideal SC in the Montserrat Championship. Elton Williams net worth is US $ 1.8.7 billion and No. 4 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

  • 5. Adrian Davis

Net Worth: US $1.82 Billion

Adrian Derek Davis is a British economist and civil servant, who was the Governor of Montserrat from 2011 to 2015.

From 1989, he worked for the Department for International Development, and before that its predecessor, the Overseas Development Administration.[1]

In March 2010, he was appointed Governor of Montserrat, replacing Peter Andrew Waterworth who was retiring from the diplomatic service. Davis was sworn in as Governor on 8 April 2011.[2] His term as Governor ended on 8 July 2015. Elizabeth Carriere was sworn in as his replacement on 5 August.

  • 6. Jim Allen

Net Worth: US $1.8 Billion

Who is Jim Allen and what is Jim Allen Net Worth Salary and earnings 2019. How much Jim Allen worth according to Forbes 2018. Charles Henry “Jim” Allen (born 15 August 1951) is a former Montserratian first-class cricketer who was a part of the World Series Cricket West Indies XI and is considered the greatest ever Montserrat sportsperson.

Born in Harris Village, Montserrat, Allen starred in Montserrat cricket from a young age and made his debut for the Montserrat national team in 1969, and his first-class debut on 15 January 1972 for Leeward Islands against Windward Islands at Roseau, scoring one and 82. An attacking right-hand batsman with an unorthodox, open–chest, wide-legs batting stance, Allen was soon considered a more exciting batsman than his Leeward Islands team mate Vivian Richards.

Allen became the first professional Montserratian sportsperson when he began playing in England during the northern summer, turning out for teams in the Lancashire and Cheshire Leagues.Allen’s best season was 1976/77, where he scored 559 first-class runs at 50.81, with a highest score of 150. This form led to a lucrative offer to join the World Series Cricket competition when it commenced in Australia in late 1977. The only member of the West Indian squad not to play Test cricket, Allen appeared in three SuperTests against the Australians but struggled, scoring a total of 44 runs with a high score of 20. Jim Allen net worth is US $ 1.8 billion and No. 6 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

  • 7. Lionel Baker

Net Worth: US $1.7 Billion

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ionel Sionne Baker (born 6 September 1984) is a West Indian cricketer who has played first-class cricket for the Leeward Islands. He is the first person from Montserrat to have represented the West Indies at Test cricket.Although he was born in Montserrat, Lionel Baker spent several years living in London and attended school there.

  • 8. Howard Fergus

Net Worth: US $1.48

Fergus served as the Speaker of the Legislative Council of Montserrat from 1975 to 2001, one of the longest terms for a presiding officer in the Commonwealth of Nations. He has subsequently returned to the post as acting speaker on several occasions, as well as periodically serving as deputy Governor of Montserrat and acting governor when the role is vacant. He has served on several committees related to constitutional and electoral matters.

Teresina Bodkin was identified as a prospective speaker in 2009. She supported in getting ready for this role by six months of training by Fergus. During that time Fergus returned to his former role replacing the previous speaker, Joseph Meade. On 6 April 2010, Bodkin was selected as the first female Speaker of the island’s Legislative Council.Bodkin served until September 2014.

He wrote the words for the national song of Montserrat, “Motherland”, with the music composed and arranged by Dr George Irish.

Howard Fergus estimated net worth is $ 1.48 billion, up from Under Review in 2018 with estimated 2017-2018 earnings, salary, and income of $ 1.48 billion. Howard Fergus estimated net worth is US $ 1.48 billion and No. 8 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

  • 9. Arrow (musician)

Net Worth: US 98 Million

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Alphonsus Celestine Edmund Cassell MBE (16 November 1949[1] – 15 September 2010) was a Montserratian calypso and soca musician who performed under the stage name Arrow, and is regarded as the first superstar of soca from Montserrat.Cassell first performed at the age of 10 in a concert at the Montserrat Secondary School.[2] He began singing calypso in 1967 and took the Junior Monarch title that year. He took up singing professionally in 1969, and in that year he was runner up in the Montserrat Calypso King competition, going on to win the title the following year (following in the footsteps of his brothers Justin (a.k.a. Hero) and Lorenzo (a.k.a. Young Challenger).[2]He would go on to take the title a total of four times. Alphonsus Celestine estimated net worth is US $ 98 million and he is ranked at No. 9 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

  • 10. Reuben Meade 

Net Worth: US $93 Million

Who is Reuben Meade and what is Reuben Meade Net Worth Salary and earnings 2018. How much is Reuben Meade worth according to Forbes 2018.Reuben Theodore Meade was said to ahev been born 7 March 1954 in Montserrat Township. Reuben Meade is at the moment considered as a retired politician from Montserrat who served as the island’s first Premier between 2010 and 2014. He previously served as Chief Minister between 1996 and 1999 and 2009 to 2010. A member of the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP), he previously led the now-defunct National Progressive Party.

Reuben Meade launched his election campaign (for the early general election of 8 September 2009) on 28 July 2009.[2] His party won the majority, garnering six of the nine seats up for grabs, while former chief minister Dr Lowell Lewis and two other independents took the remaining seats.Meade was congratulated by his political opponent, Lewis, and said that the revival of the economy of Montserrat would be his main priority.

The 2014 elections saw the defeat of the MCAP. Meade finished seventh in the vote total, retaining his seat in the Legislative Council. Reuben Meade estimated net worth is US $ 93 million and he is ranked at No. 10 in the list of top 10 richest people in Montserrat and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg.





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