Steps To Get AdSense Approval for Your Blog And Earn From Your Blog

Getting AdSense approval for one’s blog is one major thing every blogger, old or new wants. Even though there are other alternatives to AdSense which also pay quite well, most bloggers still prefer having the Google ads on their blogs or website. One major thing I love about AdSense regardless of their high pay and one earning so much money from them is that the kind of ads they display beautifies one’s blog and really makes it attractive. I remember when I just started blogging and applied for AdSense, my two applications got rejected and I just felt like wanting to be swallowed by the earth.

Though every blogger especially the top ones will tell you to blog for passion and forget about making money, but the question is “will the passion still be there if there is no yield?” After the rejections I got, I made up my mind never to give up though it actually took me good Eight Months to get my first AdSense approval and start making some cool cash from them. One thing I always tell upcoming bloggers who really want to make money from their blog is to never give and just keep trying. Eight months for me wasn’t really a cool thing because I know how bad I felt during that period.

Right now ever since my first AdSense approval, I have gotten over four more approvals and just one rejection from my last five AdSense applications, cool record isn’t it? With this post, I’d be showing you guys some steps to follow and guide you in getting AdSense approval easily for your blog.

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Adsense approval

      Things to Do To Get AdSense Approval Easily


Get A Custom Domain For Your Blog

You’ve just started a blog and you’re still making use of the free domains given by blogger and wordpress and you expect to get AdSense approval just like that, you’re on the wrong path. You may want to ask that there are many bloggers using the free domain and even have AdSense on their blogs, that’s a good research but the thing is do you know when those guys started blogging. There was actually a time when one could apply even without a custom domain and get approval with ease. Things have changed ever since and that is why I advise you get a custom domain. When I say custom domain, I mean .com, .net,,, .org and so on. You get your own unique domain from top domain registrars like godaddy, namecheap, 1and1 and you can get them for as low as $1.


Content Is Key

               If you’re a Ctrl C + Ctrl V blogger, sorry to say, you’re are actually wasting your time in the   blogosphere. This is one of the major things you have to work on before applying for Google AdSense or else your application would just be a waste of time. Of every 1000 copy and paste blog that is used to apply for AdSense, Zero (0) get approved. Stop thinking of doing copy and paste and expect to get AdSense approval. Always write your own articles in your own words and make them lengthy at least articles with not less than 500+ words is really good for a start. Always write high quality and unique articles which will be valued by your readers and never you think of using article rewriters as this would not even help but might make matters worse.

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Get A Very Nice and Responsive Theme or Template

            I believe you know what I mean by template or themes or your blog. Templates help beautify our blogs and make them attractive. They also play a major role in getting AdSense approval for your blog. Whether it is blogger or wordpress that you are making use of, you can download very nice themes for your blogs and apply them to your blog. Try and make sure the templates you get are responsive. You can get nice themes or templates from gooyabitemplates, jojothemes


Add Pages To Your Blog

           This is very very important as having this on your blog will make AdSense know that you’re a very serious blogger and this can aid your AdSense approval. Make sure that your blog has the following pages on your blog; About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy. Just as I earlier said, these pages are very important and they are a “must have” on your blog.


Removal of other advertising networks

              Adsense frowns so much at this especially whwn trying to use top competitors with them. Even if you ever plan on using other advertising networks with adsense that should be after you’ve gotten adsense approval then you can try them out together.


Go Through AdSense Policy

              The google adsense policy is always readily available for everyone and it is advisable you go through it thouroughly so that youd get to know their dos and donts and also ease your adsense approval.

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I believe if you follow all these above mentioned steps, adsense approval would be an easy thing for you

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