The Best Weapons Of The PUBG To Win More Games Than Ever

While it is true that Fortnite has managed to win the battle to PUBG as the most played Battle Royale, there is still a legion of fans who still enjoy their battles in Pochinsky and other emblematic places in the popular game developed by BlueHole Studio. Do you want to crush and dine more chicken than anyone? Well, do not miss our compilation of the best weapons of the PUBG.

In this Battle Royale, it is very important to select the arsenal that you will use in the battle. And knowing which are the best weapons of the PUBG will make the difference when confronting your opponents. Ok, in this game you can not choose how you are equipped from the start but you will find weapons as you play but if you have doubts between the AK-47 and the Scar-L in the PUBG, we will solve your doubts.

Keep in mind that some weapons, however powerful they are, are not suitable for all players. If you are inexperienced at PUBG, we recommend that you put aside your weapons with a telescopic sight and focus on using assault rifles, as it is most likely that all you can do is expose your position and receive a shot in the head. Warned you to stay …

Compilation of the best weapons of the PUBG

Best sniper rifle for the PUBG: SLR DMR

Undoubtedly, the DMR is the best weapon of the PUBG. We are talking about an ideal sniper rifle for medium and long range combat. Although it has a great setback if you take the trick, and especially if you find a Cheek Pad, you can make a good number of casualties. Of course, it is essential to use an X8 or X15 scope to get the most out of this weapon.

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Another great sniper rifle for this game is the KAR 98. Despite being a rifle less powerful than the DMR, if you find it do not hesitate to take it as it is one of the best weapons of the PUBG.

Best assault rifle from the PUBG: SCARL

Do you prefer close combat? Well if you are lucky and you find a SCAR-L you have many numbers to become the terror of your opponents. Especially if you find a 4X scope or a red dot. We speak of one of the best weapons of the PUBG thanks to its power and firing rate.

Best Shotgun of the PUBG: SK12

If your thing is close combat or you will not hesitate to enter any house you find, the SK12 will be your best ally. We are talking about a semi-automatic shotgun that will crush any enemy you encounter. Yes, this type of weapons have a great power nearby, but from a distance, you can not do much, so you better have a second weapon on hand if things get complicated. And if you get an extended charger and a compensator you can wreak havoc…

Updated: July 28, 2019 — 12:40 pm

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