Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

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So today we’d be using a statistical calculation to analyze the top 10 highest alcohol consuming countries in Africa.

10 Biggest Alcohol Drinking Countries in Africa

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

Top 10 Highest Alcohol Consuming Countries In Africa

  • 1. Nigeria

12.28 Litres/Year

The giant of Africa of Africa with virtue of population Nigeria is considered the highest consumer of Alcohol in Africa.

It is estimated to be consuming a percentage of 17% from beer alone and the 83% comes from the other drinks.

Although this results would have increased if not for the value system and the religious backing off the country whereby it is sinful to take alcohol even at that people that consume it make up for others that don’t consume.

  • 2. Uganda

11.98 Litres/Year

The famous Ugandan wagari drink would be held responsible for the high intake of alcohol.

Which contains about 42% of alcohol making it one of the most alcholic spirits in the world. Seriously in Kampala you would find people taking the banana drink a fermented banana drink , tronto and other drinks every day every week over miles if not for statistics they would have been number one or number two.

  • 3. Rwanda

9.8 Litres/Year

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Rwanda are not particularly famous for beer intake as only 8% of the total alcohol intake goes to beer but the remaining 92% goes to the locally made alcholic drink like the fermented honey drink, ubuki and the host of others.

When they say music is the way of life I can actually tell you that drinking of alcohol in Rwanda is a way of life to them and it is readily available to them and it’s cheap especially the locally made ones.

  • 4. Kenya


Although one would not be expecting them as the fourth on the list but seriously these guys are consumers of alcohol.

43% consumption of alcohol comes from beer alone and these got so seriously that the government had to began measures to cub the high rate of alcohol consumption.

And one funny thing in Kenya is that the women participate in the drinking process as the men so you see how serious this is.

  • 5. Namibia

9.62 Litres/Year

Namibia is the fourth largest consumers of alcohol in Africa.

With it’s neighbors South Africa Namibia consume high rate of alcohol with 67% of beer and the rest to spirits, wine and others.

Looking into it’s colonization days it seems they were colonized for alcohol consuming.

  • 6. Burundi


Burundi on this side is amongst the African countries with the highest intake of alcohol where the youths starts taking it from the age of 12 these people are not fans of wine and spirits as this is not in the percentage of their alcholic intake.

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But actually they are fans of their locally made alcholic drink and especially the one made from banana called  ‘Urwarwa’,

  • 7. South Africa


With just 0.2% lower than Burundi South Africa comes up on the list of one of the highest alchola consuming nation in Africa and number seven precisely.

I guess they have a bit fancy guys as the highest percentage of the alcholic consumption goes to beer and the rest to wine , spirits and others.

In South Africa alcholic drink is easily purchased as the number of unlicensed vendors outnumbered the licensed ones and alcohol is promoted in social gathering and ceremonies.

  • 8. Gabon


Gabon a country with a tax free importation of alcohol so tell me the reason they won’t be on the list when 68% of the consumption alone comes from beer and don’t forget this country has the cheapest Alcohol meaning that alcholic drink is very cheap in Gabon.

  • 9. Botswana


Botswana a diamond rich nation with 57% consumption of beer comes nineth on the list of the top 10 highest alcohol consuming countries in Africa.

Coupled with it’s national beer st. Louis this country still prefers to import beer from nearby South Africa or Namibia.

  • 10. Tanzania

7.7 Litres/Year

Tanzania might not actually be a rich country which would keep you wondering how the hell they got on this list but actually speaking the people might be living on half a dollar but they still consume much of alcohol.

Don’t forget about the locally made Alcohol which is highly concentrated and cheaper perhaps reason they are on this list of the top 10 highest alcohol consuming countries in Africa as 11% would go to the consumption of beer, while 87% would go for other types of alcohol and then 2% from wine and beer.

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This high consupticon has been on the Increase and the government is doing her best to tackle the situation.

Conclusion On The Top 10 African Countries That Live and Bath in Alcohol

Alcholic drink is a global beverage but to an alarming call the rate of consumption of this beverage in some Africa countries is not a thing of joy.

And with this calculation from the world health organization I decided to put down this post African countries that are guilty of this outrageous alcohol consumption. There are those ones I’ll love to call “The Chiefest of Drunkards”.

Based on the World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, the above African countries reported the highest annual alcohol consumption on the continent.

Remember: Drink Responsibly


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