Top 10 Places To Exchange Currency In Toronto

Top 10 Places To Exchange Currency In Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city with large cultural heritage, so weather your moving to Toronto to stay a bit or stay up long you’d surely need Canadian Dollars to operate over there in Toronto.

Finding a good currency exchange centre in a new city whereby your not familiar with places there is not easy.

So to make life easy for you this guide on the top 10 places to exchange currency in Toronto to avoid rip-off and guys with much hidden charges.

So below is the list of the top 10 places to exchange currency in Toronto.

Factors To Consider Before Exchanging Currency

You would find currency exchange very expensive if you don’t do your homework. But in this section I’ve listed few things to keep in mind before you take up your quest to exchange currency.

  • Do some research on the mid-market rate of your home currency. Know what it’s worth in comparison to the Canadian dollar.
  • Before you finally do the exchange compare it with the rate online.
  • As a matter of fact avoid exchanging currency at the airport.
  • You can use an ATM but make sure they have partnership with your home bank and don’t let the ATM do the conversion choose to be charged in the local currency.

How To Exchange Currency In Toronto

When it comes to Currency Exchanging you’d have a wide variety to choose from especially since it’s your first time but if your wondering how to exchange currency in the Toronto then I’d suggest you make your research first before going out there. And read the next section to see the place to avoid.

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Where To Avoid When It Comes To Currency Exchanging In Toronto.

Hey! Your at the airport and as a foreigner all what’s on your mind is to change whatever currency is with you to the CAD Canadian dollar I’d advice you to run away from the exchange at the airport. You know why? At the airport they have no competition so the exchange rate there are miserable instead check out the best places to exchange currency in Toronto.

Best Places To Exchange Currency In Toronto

Best Places To Exchange Currency In Toronto

Best Places To Exchange Currency In Toronto ( Top 10 )


Location: With branches and ATMs located around almost every corner, check TD Canada Trust’s Toronto Branch locatorr to find the one nearest to you.
Phone: Call theirl help line at 1-866-222-3456 or text them at TDHELP (834357).
Hours: Check online for opening hours for each branch location.

  • 2. KANTOR

Location: 121 Runnymede Rd, Toronto M6S 2Y4
Phone: (416) 767-7782
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00a – 6:00p, Saturdays: 10:00a – 3:00p, closed on Sundays.


Location: 2502 Yonge Street, Toronto M4P 2H7
Phone: (416) 440-1472
Hours: Open Monday through Saturday 10:00a – 5:00p.

  • 4. Kantor Currency Exchange


121 Runnymede Road, Toronto

  • 5. Interchange Currency Exchange

Downtown core

20 Dundas Street W, Toronto

  • 6. Ultimate Currency Exchange

Younge and Eglinton

2502 Yonge Street, Toronto

  • 7. Interchange Currency Exchange

1 Yonge Street, Toronto

  • 8. Calforex Currency Exchange

Queen Street West, Downtown Core

290 Queen Street W, Toronto

  • 9. Wall Street Finance

Downtown Core


121 Yonge Street, Toronto.

  • 10. College Currency Investments

Downtown Core

437A Yonge Street Toronto.

Final Words

Alternative you can use Transferwise to convert your Currency even before you get to Toronto.

So with the above post to enlighten you on the top 10 places to exchange currency in Toronto I want you enjoy your stay with lots of fun and spending but less fees.

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