WWE 2K19 Apk + Data Download for Android

WWE 2K19 Apk + Data Download for Android

Features of WWE 2k19 Mod For Android

  • WWE 2K19 APK features top superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton, Goldberg, Triple H, Undertaker and many more. So you choose any of them to represent you in a fighting match.
  • This particular version was developed to feature backstage and that of the brawl moves differently for each of the superstars.
  • WWE 2k19 game also came with updated customization settings for customizing any fighter you selected for a match. Also, you can customize so many other things in the game such as rings, dress mode, hair, weapons, Smackdown etc.
  • WWE 2k19 App also features the official theme song and that of the original entry songs music for each of the fighters. Controller or manager can utilize effects like Brawl moves & signature moves.
  • WWE 2k19 Apk Gameplay is amazing with real-life player behaviour and actions.
  • Creation suite – It allows the players to create their own superstars, entrances, arenas, and events. Along with GM mode in WWE 2k19 APK, you can even be a manager of a show and manage events, fire wrestlers, ignite rivalries etc. You can even add your created wrestlers to an already extended superstar roster.
  • already extended superstar roster.
  • Superstar entrance music – WWE won’t be as it is if you left out the entrance music of the superstars from the game. Listen to the exciting and exhilarating entrance music of all superstars from the past and present in the WWE 2k19 android.
  • WWE 2K19 official soundtrack – There are new songs added to the official soundtrack of WWE 2k19 APK full version, including the most popular titles from different genres and an original theme song. So aside from the entrance music, the players can enjoy the thrilling music which will pump their adrenaline and improve their play.
  • You can enjoy WWE 2k19 cheats Android mobile or PSP ISO consoles
    • You can play multiplayer gaming in WWE 2K19 but the feature is advanced as it requires a connection on local Wifi or Bluetooth and that of the world wide web. This huge requirements for multiplayer gaming in latest 2k19 WWE have been resolved and can be played freely in WWE 2k19 mod apk game.

    WWE 2k19 Apk Game Requirements

    • It requires Android 4.o and above
    • You need to have least 2GB RAM to prevent the game from lagging.
    • Storage memory of at least 1GB
    • Minimum of 1.8GHz quad cores processor
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Download Links For WWE 2k19 Apk Obb Data File

        • Download WWE 2k19 Apk File HERE.
        • Download WWE 2k19 OBB + Data File HERE.

    How To Install WWE 2K19 Apk OBB Data Android Device

    • Download the game files from the links provided above, then Unpack the file in any folder.
    • Move WWE2K19.obb file from the specified extracted folder to Android/OBB folder.
    • Then proceed to install the WWE 2K19 APK FILE.

How to Play WWE 2k19 Android Game

If it is the first time you are playing WWE 2k game, then you may find it difficult at first. Though in the new WWE 2k19 APK file, controls have been revamped to ensure smooth and effective controls. It will take some time, but you will be able to play it perfectly and became a fan of this game like a million others.

Below are the steps if you want to know the startup guide to know how to play WWE 2k19-

Step 1: After you are finished downloading and installing the game APK, and moving the data + OBB to the OBB folder in external storage, launch the game by clicking on the game icon in the application tray.

Step 2: The game will open with the title graphics and you can also hear the soundtrack.

Step 3: When the game loads up, you will be displayed a game menu.

Step 4: Select Single player or multiplayer game mode.

Step 5: Now choose the wrestler with which you will play from the list of all wrestlers available.

Step 6: Choose your opponent and the type of game you want. For example, you can choose between an exhibition match, money in the bank, Wrestle Mania, etc.

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Step 7: Select the match type like normal, ladder, elimination chamber, hell in a cell, cage, etc and click start.

Step 8: You can hear the official soundtrack and theme music of your character as well as rivals.

Step 9: Now you control the players with the controls shown on the screen.

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